Prebiotics and Probiotics in Skincare - What Do They Do for Your Skin?

We all have heard of Probiotics and Prebiotics being used to improve our gut health, but there is now a new trend in the skincare industry of having Probiotics and Prebiotics in skincare products too.


Aspect Probiotic Mask

The relation between our gut health and skin health

To understand the relation of the two - gut health and skin health, it comes down to communication. Your gut is the main communicator of how well your body performs or works. If your gut flora isn't balanced, you might suffer from inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, sensitivity, eczema, and dehydration.

The Skin Microbiome

Same as our gut, our skin also has its own microbiome, which helps shield you from harm. The skin microbiome refers to the mix of microorganisms that live on the skin. A lot of the microorganisms present on the skin's surface are similar to the ones found in the gut. And, like our gut, some of these microorganisms are better than others.

Our skin flora is in a constant balancing act between harmful and helpful microorganisms. This balances determines our skin immunity and health.

Probiotics and Prebiotics in skincare improve your skin's immunity by:

  • Enhancing the skin's natural barrier defence - A combination of Prebiotics and Probiotics in skincare will improve skin's protection against environmental assaults, ensuring skin has what it needs to keep its barrier intact, smooth, and healthy.

  • Balancing the skin's microbiome - An unbalanced skin microbiome can lead to certain skin conditions. Prebiotics and Probiotics can help rebalance the skin microbiome, keeping it intact and healthy to fight against external aggressions and inflammatory conditions or concerns.

Here are my go-to skin immunity products containing Probiotics and Prebiotics:

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A probiotic-packed, luxurious night serum that works to balance, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. As part of your nightly skincare routine, Reboot helps restore youthful-looking contours overnight for a radiant, healthier-looking complexion by morning.

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Nourishing probiotic treatment designed to provide rapid relief to dry and dehydrated complexions, or skins in need of extra nutrition. Deeply hydrates, soothes and balances skin.

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Formulated with Prebiotic Moisture Complex, Active Moist provides oil-free hydration to work to promote a healthy microbiome - and actively bring the skin into balance.

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