What is the Skin Microbiome?

We all know about our gut microbiome (our gut flora), and the importance of maintaining its health. But what is all this commotion about the skin microbiome?

Well, just like our gut, our skin also counts with a family of billions of friendly living microorganisms. Together, they form the skin flora, or Microbiome.

What is the function of the Skin Microbiome?

The function of the skin microbiome is to keep the skin healthy and protected from bacteria or pathogens that can cause inflammatory skin conditions.

Acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, dehydration, and sensitivity are examples of what happens to the skin when the skin's Microbiome is not healthy and balanced.

Your skin microbiome is as unique as your DNA

Everyone has a unique skin and gut microbiome, that can be further influenced by environmental stressors and lifestyle. That's why, as Skin Therapists, we often see clients with the exact same skin condition as their friend or relative, but that do not get the same results with the same treatments.

As Professional Skin Therapists, we want to help our clients achieve the best results in their skincare journey. The key? Professional skincare that addresses the needs of your unique skin microbiome!

How to treat the skin microbiome?

The same way you'd treat the gut microbiome: with Probiotics and Prebiotics. Nowadays, Probiotics and Prebiotics are present in skincare products to help maintain good skin health and strengthen our skin microbiome.

Here are the essential Probiotic and Prebiotic products to help maintain your skin microbiome balanced and healthy:

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Nourishing probiotic treatment designed to provide rapid relief to dry and dehydrated complexions, or skins in need of extra nutrition.

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Micro Defense Microbiome Sheet Masks are infused with a moisture rich prebiotic serum to help ease discomfort while nourishing the skin and helping improve barrier function.

Suitable for all skin types, these masks aid in protection from environmental stressors while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

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This fortifying green mask is packed with essential vitamins and minerals to detoxify the skin, decongest pores and refine skin texture to help skin feel soft, smooth and healthy.

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A probiotic-packed, luxurious night serum that works to balance, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while you sleep. As part of your nightly skincare routine, Reboot helps restore youthful-looking contours overnight for a radiant, healthier-looking complexion by morning.

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Cosmedix Harmonize is a Microbiome Boosting Moisturiser formulated to restore a healthy microbiome and balance the complexion.

This multi-tasking moisturiser is powered by a nourishing probiotic that quenches the skin with hydration, improving the natural moisture barrier.

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Dermalogica Active Moist is an oil-free, lightweight prebiotic moisturiser that hydrates combination or oily skin.

Formulated with Prebiotic Moisture Complex, Active Moist provides oil-free hydration + an invisible barrier to prevent moisture loss. It also works to promote a healthy microbiome - and actively bring the skin into balance. The skin is left feeling hydrated without the use of any oils.

If you would like to know more about how your skin microbiome is affecting your skin results, book in a Complimentary Skin Consultation with one of our skin therapists.

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