The eyes are the window to your soul... and they are also one of the first areas to show your age!

It can be hard to navigate the vast selection of eye treatments available, let alone keeping up to date with the advancements in ingredient technology, so here's one new product that you simply must know about.


Medik8 have just launched the second product in the r-Retinoate range and it is a much anticipated 4-week multi-targeted eye treatment!


NEW r-Retinoate Eye System: Direct Firming, Dynamic Resurfacing & Deep Hydration.

Rejuvenating Eye Serum firms the eye contour to visibly minimise lines and wrinkles. Housed in an airless twist pen complete with a built-in silicone massager, it boosts lymphatic drainage to tackle puffiness. At the same time, weekly Dissolvable Micro-Channel Eye Patches improve volume and firmness, while ultra-hydrating Bio-Cellulose Eye Patchesrefresh and rejuvenate. Together, the system addresses a wide range of eye concerns, both long-term and everyday, to promote healthier, smoother, more radiant-looking eyes.

r-Retinoate Rejuvenating Eye System captures the essence of Medik8's best-selling r-Retinoate serum - a true breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare, up to 8 x more powerful than retinol (Vitamin A) and suitable for day & night use, even for sensitive skin. 

High-performance Retinyl Retinoate is combined with the most advanced patch technologies available for synergistic results; ground-breaking Dissolving Micro-Channel Eye Patches made of 100% pure hyaluronic acid improve volume and firmness while Bio-Cellulose Eye Patches refresh, rejuvenate and hydrate.

Together, the Rejuvenating Eye System helps to improve the penetration of actives to dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in just 4 weeks, leading to a more firmer and smoother skin. Delivering comprehensive benefits for all eye concerns, both long term and everyday.


The results.


Under Eye Results


How to Use: 

Stage 1



Stage 2


Results - Clinically Tested

r-Retinoate Rejuvenating Eye System is clinically proven to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet in just 4 weeks. In a study of 25 people using r-Retinoate Rejuvenating Eye System for 4 weeks: 

88% agreed fine lines and wrinkles were visibly reduced

92% noticed a significant firming effect

100% felt their skin was left hydrated

84% felt that their under-eyes looked revitalised


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