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Your 2021 Gift Guide: For 20-year-olds

As a Skin Therapist, I need to tell you: your 20's is the time to lay the foundation for having healthy skin in the future. It's all about prevention and creating the habit of looking after your skin - and trust me on this, your skin will thank you in the future!

Most 20-year-old skins are slightly dull or looking tired due to their lifestyle and exposure to the sun.
Moreover, from the age of 20, our fibroblast cells re-division ceases, meaning we stop producing three very important proteins in the dermis: Collagen, Elastin, and Hyaluronic Acid.

As you enter you mid-20's, (more or less from the age of 25 onwards), the amount of each of these proteins present in your skin will further decline by 2% each year.

In short, your 20's is exactly the time to start looking after your skin with professional skincare (if you haven't already started) and, needless to say, ALWAYS apply sun protection - especially for us, living under the harsh Australian sun!

The best gifts for 20-year-olds

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Invisible, weightless physical sunscreen that blends easily and works for every skin - even sensitive!
The perfect gift for any 20-year-old of any skin type or concern.

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Dermalist's Ultimate Cleanse Kit is an absolute must have for a luxurious at home facial cleansing experience. This limited edition kit contains:

  • Ultra Hydrating Lactic Cleanser 200ml
  • Ultra Smoothing Facial Exfoliant 80ml
  • SkinWand Facial Cleansing Brush

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The ultimate face and body indulgence!


  • Illuminating Polish 220ml - T riple-Action Exfoliant
  • Probiotic Sleep Mask 118ml - Comforting Mask
  • BONUS Hand & Body Cream 118ml - All Over Hydration
  • BONUS Hydrating Lip Balm 5g - Moisturising Lip Balm
  • Deluxe Mask Headband

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A perfect selection of asap must-have products in deluxe travel sizes - perfect for those who are getting started in cosmeceutical skincare.

1 x daily exfoliating facial scrub 15mL
1 x gentle cleansing gel 15mL
1 x daily facial cleanser 15mL
1 x liquid platinum 50mL
1 x super B complex 15mL
1 x moisturising daily defence SPF50+ 15mL
1 x anti-ageing night cream 15mL

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Make the best of Dermalogica yours with this brightening, hydrating skin care set.

Includes: 50ml Skin Smoothing Cream, 13g Daily Microfoliant, 10ml BioLumin-C Serum

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Make the most of longer evenings with asap EVENING ESSENTIALS+ pack, offering the award-winning Liquid Platinum in a handy travel size, as well as your favourite asap skin products to cleanse, repair and hydrate tired skin, so you can wake up refreshed and radiant!
  • daily facial cleanser 50mL
  • liquid platinum 50mL
  • firming eye lift 15mL
  • radiance serum 15mL
  • super B complex 15mL
  • anti-ageing night cream 30mL

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For those who are looking for a decent skincare regime that isn't overly complicated - it comes with your essentials (and Dermalogica best-sellers): cleanser, exfoliant, moisturiser and SPF. All packed in a limited edition travel bag.


  • Special Cleansing Gel 250ml
  • Daily Microfoliant 74g
  • Skin Smoothing Cream 50ml
  • Skin Perfect Primer spf30 7ml

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Treat Your Body and achieve smoother, firmer more hydrated skin in three simple steps:

1. Exfoliate - asap revitalising bodyscrub 200ml
2. Treat - asap cellulite + skin firming treatment 200ml
3. Hydrate - asap revitalising bodymoist 200ml

BONUS ASAP Deluxe Cosmetic Bag

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Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer is an enhancer helps nourish and repair your lashes, leaving them looking longer, thicker and fuller in as little as 4 to 8 weeks (full results seen around 12 weeks).

Want thicker, fuller brows?

Bold Brows Eyebrow Enhancer helps to nourish, strengthen and condition the eyebrows to leave you with thicker, fuller looking brows in as little as 4 to 8 weeks (with the full effect around 12 weeks plus).

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