4 Ways to Improve Your Skin From the Inside Out

Anyone that knows me, knows I am a massive believer in what you feel on the inside will show on the outside!

The skin is the largest organ in the body - it protects us, regulates our body temperature, and it is able to give us the sensations of touch, heat, and cold. It is also the "outer layer" of our inner health, and if we are not feeling well inside, that will reflect on the outside.

Here are my 4 ways to improve your skin from inside out:

1. You are what you eat!

The old saying "you are what you eat" is actually true!

What you put in your mouth plays a major role in how your skin looks, feels, and reacts. A poor diet can make your skin look dull, cause unwanted breakouts, and speed up the ageing process. Whereas a colourful, balanced diet with nutritious food choices will make your skin brighter, plumper, and healthier.

Healthy foods

2. Drink plenty of water

Skip the sugary fizzy drinks and switch to water or mineral water. Water is lost in huge amounts by our body every day, so drinking a lot of water will not only help with dehydration but it can also improve your skin complexion and tightens your pores.

5. Have a sufficient amount of sleep

Sleep plays a major role in our health. Getting enough sleep not only benefits our mental and physical health but also our skin's health. Our skin goes through its repairing and rejuvenation process during our sleep, so if we don't get at least 7-8hrs of sleep every night, the tell tale signs will show on the skin!

Woman sleeping - During our sleep, our skin regenerates and repairs itself

4. Supplement your skin with powders and vitamins

Getting that extra boost of results with supplements such as collagen powders, elixirs, and specific skin vitamins will help you achieve the overall wellness within that shows (and glows!) on the outside, or to target specific skin concerns.

I can't live without my Bestow Beauty powder My top recommendation would be the Bestow Gut Love+ I've been using it for years and I can definitely see the difference in my skin (and as a bonus, in my gut health, which, as we know, relates directly to our skin health too).

Sold out

Bestow Gut Love + renews your skin from within by rebalancing your gut and promoting the efficient elimination of skin-irritating toxins from the body.

A new wave of scientific gut research is highlighting the direct connection between gut health and skin health. You cannot truly heal inflammatory skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema or revitalise dull, lack-lustre skin without first rebalancing the gut. Our gut is home to a complex eco-system of bacteria and fungus. Poor diet and ill health can deplete our colonies of beneficial microbes leading to a disordered gut. Bestow Gut Love + is specially formulated to address skin challenges at the root by restoring gut health.

#ExtraTip: Invest in cosmeceutical serums!

Prevention is the key. Invest in collagen pre-cursers that will fight visible signs of ageing, free radical damage, and sun damage.

My absolute favourite serums are the ones containing Vitamin C, B3, A, and Hyaluronic Acid.

The Medik8 Crystal Retinal is my top choice when it comes to Vitamin A.

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Rediscover youthful skin with Crystal Retinal! Formulated with stabilised retinal, a powerful derivative of Vitamin A with next-generation anti-ageing results. Unmatched in its age-defying power, retinal delivers results comparable to clinical-grade vitamin A up to 11 times faster than classic forms of retinol.

About The Author

My name is Sari Pols,
I have been in the skincare industry for over 15 years. My passion lies in ‘Health’. Health for the skin and body. My philosophy is if we have a good well being on the inside, then it shows our vitality on the outside.
I have furthered my knowledge of Skin Anatomy, Skin Concerns, and Fitness. I am a true believer in how to make my clients feel their best both inside and out. My emphasis is on guiding my clients through their journey of skin concerns and conditions. I do not like to bandaid a concern or condition but want to get down to the root of the cause. I aim to give personalised consultations with treatment and correct prescribed skin products.

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