Unlock The Power of Omnilux LED Light Therapy

Imagine the power of professional, medical-grade LED light therapy in the comfort of your own home. Omnilux LED Light Therapy is a convenient, non-invasive solution for a variety of skin concerns, from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to treating acne and promoting skin recovery. In this blog post, we’ll explore the innovative technology behind Omnilux, its proven effectiveness, and how you can incorporate it into your skincare routine for radiant, youthful skin.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the power of Omnilux light therapy with scientifically-backed benefits for skin healing, renewal and overall health.

  • Experience real results with the clinically proven wavelengths of Omnilux Contour Face, a revolutionary home skincare device.

  • Understand how to target acne Omnilux Clear, a dedicated solution for acne-related issues, using blue light therapy to reduce bacteria and inflammation, leading to clearer, healthier skin.

  • Maximize your experience by adhering to recommended treatment schedules and safety guidelines for optimal performance.

Discover Omnilux LED Technology

The Omnilux Contour Mask utilises adjustable velcro straps for a comfortable treatment cycle

Omnilux is a pioneer in LED phototherapy systems, offering effective solutions for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, and wound healing. Omnilux utilises specific wavelengths of LED light to stimulate cellular activity in the skin, resulting in noticeable reductions in signs of aging and skin damage. The various wavelengths of light specifically target skin concerns and stimulate collagen production, decrease inflammation, and enhance overall skin health, making Omnilux technology suitable for both medical and aesthetic applications.

Omnilux technology targets specific skin issues using two clinically proven wavelengths, distinguishing it from competitors who rely on multiple colours without scientific validation. With Omnilux, you can trust that you’re using a safe, TGA-approved and FDA cleared way to improve your skin health and appearance.

The Science Behind Omnilux LED Light Therapy

The Omnilux Contour Face is flexible, portable, affordable.

Omnilux contour face harnesses the power of specific wavelengths of red and infrared light to stimulate cellular processes, improve blood flow, and boost skincare product absorption. The result is a great alternative to other professional skin treatments, such as cosmetic and laser therapy, for various skin concerns like anti-aging, acne treatment, and wound healing.

Red and Infrared Light

A close-up image of Omnilux LED light panel used for Red and Infrared Light therapy.

Red and infrared light are known for their ability to promote skin healing and renewal, addressing visible signs of aging to reduce fine lines and sun damage. Omnilux provides effective and reliable solutions for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, and wound healing.

Omnilux contour face technology utilizes specific wavelengths of LED light to promote skin recovery by stimulating the natural cellular healing response in the skin, aiding recovery and enhancing overall skin health.

Infrared light therapy offers numerous advantages, including enhanced circulation, accelerated cell regeneration, and expedited wound healing. With red and infrared light therapy, you can experience a variety of benefits tailored to target different areas of the body, effectively addressing your unique skin concerns.

Clinically Proven Wavelengths

Omnilux distinguishes itself from competitors through its emphasis on clinically proven wavelengths. Harnessing the power of optimized doses of red, near-infrared, or blue light (Omnilux Clear), Omnilux delivers superior results in various skin treatments.

The light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in Omnilux devices have the following advantages:

  • They are packed closely together, ensuring the most effective light and dosages are delivered to the treatment area.

  • light-emitting diodes eliminate common under treatment issues found in other systems.

  • They have a focus on clinically proven wavelengths.

  • They provide a unique advantage over competitors who use multiple colours without scientific backing.

Employing a combination of red and near-infrared light, both clinically validated, they operate synergistically at a cellular level, reaching the skin's deeper layers. This stimulates fibroblast cells, addresses compromised collagen, rejuvenates elasticity, diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, and rectifies discolouration caused by sun exposure.

The red light spectrum (633nm) diminishes swelling, discolouration, and skin redness while promoting cell restoration and improved blood flow, leading to a brighter skin tone. The near-infrared spectrum (830nm) reaches the deeper fibroblast cells, boosting the creation of collagen and elastin, which gives the skin a more youthful, supple, and tighter appearance.

Omnilux Contour Face: Revolutionizing Home Skincare

A woman using the Omnilux Contour Face, a revolutionary home skincare device

The Omnilux Contour Face is a game-changer in home skincare. This portable, FDA-cleared flexible silicone face device delivers medical-grade results for reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and redness right at home. The Contour Face uses the most advanced red and near-infrared LEDs to provide effective and reliable solutions for skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, and wound healing.

Based on the world’s leading Omnilux Medical™ light therapy technology, the Contour Face is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall skin tone, firmness, and health, and provide a glowing complexion. Following a simple recommended treatment schedule of three to five 10-minute sessions per week for 4-6 weeks, with continued maintenance treatments as needed, will yield optimal results.

Say goodbye to time-consuming visits to the Beauty Salons. With the Omnilux Contour Face, you can achieve professional-grade results in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Key Features

The Omnilux Contour Face boasts a range of key features that make it an essential addition to your skincare routine. Its LED light therapy is non-invasive, customizable, and suitable for all skin types, providing clinically proven results and long-lasting effects. The device is easy to use: simply cleanse and exfoliate your face, place the device on your face and secure it with the provided straps, press the ON/OFF button on the controller, and enjoy the 10-minute treatment.

For the Omnilux Contour Face, it is recommended to have 3-5 sessions of 10-minute treatments weekly for 4-6 weeks, with subsequent maintenance treatments as necessary. This easy and effective regimen allows you to achieve beautiful results without the hassle of scheduling appointments or investing in costly professional treatments.

Real Results

Real users have experienced significant improvements in skin texture, redness reduction, and diminished wrinkles and sunspots after using the Omnilux Contour Face. These incredible results are a testament to the power of Omnilux LED light therapy, which has been proven to help with acne, inflammation, skin texture, wrinkle reduction, and collagen production.

Adding the Omnilux Contour Face to your skincare routine allows you to be part of the numerous satisfied users witnessing remarkable improvements in their skin’s appearance and health. Experience the difference that Omnilux LED light therapy can make for yourself.

Client Reviews for Omnilux Contour face mask

Love the Omnilux LED Mask: "Absolutely love the Omnilux contour face mask. I use it every night after my shower and I meditate for 10 minutes with the mask on. It's flexible and light, feels comfortable on the face, the straps are good, easy to put on and off and easy to charge. I don't walk around with it on, I lie down and have my eyes closed. My hubby also uses it every night and loves it. I bought this mask based on all the reviews I've listened to on YouTube and I'm very happy with my purchase. After 4 weeks my skin is glowing more, is clearer in texture and pores are tighter. Happy customer :) I can't wait to see the results in another 3 months" - Maggie P

Best investment!: "I love using my LED mask, it has so many benefits! I felt immediate improvement in my skins firmness after the first use. I am excited to see the results after long time use." - Susan J

Worked in just 5 uses!!: "After paying $1500 for sessions of laser and chemical peels, I’d honestly say this had more visible results in just one weeks (5 uses) use! Definitely worth the investment. Redness has been reduced, along with acne marks. Was recommended this one over the acne one by my dermatologist." - Eleanor M

Expanding Your Skincare Arsenal with Omnilux

Omnilux Contour Face is super light weight and easy to use

Omnilux offers a range of devices targeting various skin concerns, allowing you to customize your skincare routine to address your unique needs. With devices designed for different skin concerns such as wrinkles, acne, and sun damage, you can create a tailored treatment plan to help you achieve your desired skin goals.

Integrating Omnilux devices into your skincare regimen allows you to tackle a wide array of skin issues and bolster the efficacy of your current skincare products. Combining Omnilux LED light therapy with other skincare products can help amplify the outcomes of the treatment and provide additional benefits.

Investing in Omnilux devices allows you to take control of your skincare journey, empowering you to tackle your skin concerns head-on and achieve the radiant, youthful skin you’ve always desired.

Safety and Convenience: Omnilux LED at Home

Omnilux Men light therapy at home

Omnilux’s home-use devices are safe, convenient, and backed by dermatologists, providing professional-grade LED light therapy in the comfort of your own home. For a safe and hygienic experience, it’s vital to maintain the cleanliness of both your skin and the device before each treatment.

For optimal performance, follow these guidelines:

  • Follow the recommended treatment time and frequency specified in the user manual.

  • Keeping the device away from water or wet conditions.

  • Store the device in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain its effectiveness.

Consulting with a Skincare professional or dermatologist is always a great idea if you have any questions or concerns about using Omnilux LED at home. With their guidance, you can confidently incorporate Omnilux LED light therapy into your skincare routine and enjoy its myriad benefits.

Tips for Maximizing Your Omnilux LED Experience

A woman using Omnilux Contour Face light therapy to maximize her experience

To get the most out of your Omnilux contour face experience, consistency is key. Stick to the recommended treatment schedule, and you’ll see the best results in:

  • Skin texture

  • Redness reduction

  • Wrinkle minimization

  • Overall skin health

In addition to maintaining a customised skincare routine, a healthy lifestyle including internal (gut) health will further enhance the benefits of devices such as omnillux contour face.

Remember this is just one part of a comprehensive skincare regimen. Combining it with other skincare products and treatments can help amplify the results and provide a well-rounded approach to achieving and maintaining your skin goals.


The power of Omnilux LED Light Therapy lies in its innovative technology, clinically proven wavelengths, and the convenience of at-home treatments. With a range of devices targeting various skin concerns and backed by dermatologists, Omnilux offers a safe and effective solution for improving skin health and appearance. By incorporating Omnilux LED light therapy into your skincare routine and following the recommended treatment schedule, you can experience the radiant, youthful skin you’ve always desired. It’s time to unlock the power of Omnilux LED Light Therapy and revolutionize your skincare journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Omnilux light therapy really work?

Omnilux light therapy has been proven effective in clinical studies, reducing skin inflammation and improving overall skin texture by reducing acne scars. It is a great choice for anyone looking to rejuvenate their skin.

Is Omnilux worth the price?

For those struggling with their skin, Omnilux is definitely worth the cost. With only a few weeks of use, the difference in skin clarity is remarkable. Money and time spent on other treatments that didn't work can be put to rest since Omnilux Contour Face offers visible results for a fraction of the cost of a professional LED treatment series.

Is it OK to use Omnilux everyday?

Using your Omnilux Contour face or other device daily is safe, but for the best outcomes, we suggest 3-5 sessions a week over a four-week period. After this, you can continue with maintenance treatments as needed - generally a few times a week.

Who should not use Omnilux LED mask?

People who suffer from photosensitivity should not use the Omnilux Contour face system, as it may cause a skin reaction.

Does Omnilux clear actually work?

Yes, Omnilux clear is proven to be effective and safe. It utilizes clinically tested technology which produces medical-grade results.

What is the difference between omnilux men and omnilux contour face?

On average, men's skin is 25% thicker. Omnilux Men is the only LED mask calibrated with the deepest penetrating wavelength of near-infrared light (1072nm) to meet men's unique skin needs.

From razor burn & dryness to fine lines, dark circles, & under-eye bags, Omnilux’s advanced LED light therapy technology provides visible, dermatologist-level results proven for men.

What is the difference between omnilux contour face and omnilux clear?

Omnilux Clear primarily targets acne-related issues. It uses blue light therapy to target and reduce the bacteria responsible for acne, helping to clear the skin and reduce breakouts. The blue light also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce redness associated with acne.

Omnilux Contour FACE focuses on anti-aging benefits. It utilizes a combination of red and near-infrared LED lights. This blend is intended to boost collagen production, decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote a more even skin tone.


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