The Final Easy-To-Follow Guide For Men's Skincare

It is undeniable how, over the past few years, men are more open and interested in taking care of their skin. It's no longer looked down upon that men have facials, dabble in injectables and use skincare. It is now seen to be as important to men as it is to women.

The Rugged Look which was sun damaged and unkept has now been transformed into the Polished Rugged Look through the use of great skin products along with self-care.

One thing is certain, and that is that men like simplicity when it comes to a skincare regime. Men do not generally have the time or patience for a complicated skincare regime. Luckily, that isn't necessary.

Most men get to exfoliate daily with shaving, which is why men's skin seems always to look smooth. So all that is needed are three products: Cleanser, a Moisturiser, and a Sunscreen. And if you choose a moisturiser with added SPF, then you only really need two products. Does it get any easier than that??

Of course, there are a lot of other products that you can add to your routine should you want to go the extra mile. Serums, Masks & Eye Creams are all there if you are feeling adventurous, but virtually all you need is face wash, moisturising lotion and sunscreen.


Cleansing is so important, especially for those who work outdoors, dirt grime and oil build-up from the day needs to be thoroughly removed. Here are two perfect cleansers that you can shave with., making cleaning the face so simple.

This iconic cleanser, which contains naturally-foaming Quillaja Saponaria, gently rinses away toxins and debris to leave skin feeling smooth and clean. Lightweight and mild enough to use every day, it also features calming Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin.

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A natural shaving lubricant crafted with native botanical extracts Quandong, Desert Lime and Wattle Seed to cleanse skin and help prepare and protect the face and neck prior to shaving. Includes Tazman Pepper, Trehalose and natural vegetable Glycerin to intensely moisturise and hydrate, and help provide immediate razor relief.

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Moisturising needs to be applied to the skin morning and night. Morning Lotion should include SPF & night lotion should be anti-ageing plus replenishing. Here are two of our most popular moisturisers for men.

A natural nutrient rich daily facial moisturiser blended with super nourishing plant oils in a feather light texture to smooth, nourish without irritation and help correct skin-ageing free radicals.

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A nourishing option that delivers broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s harmful UVA/ UVB rays. Formulated with hydrating ingredients and zinc oxide, a mineral UV filter, for an invisible finish and weightless feel.

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About the Author

My name is Rochelle, I have been lucky enough to be in the Beauty Industry for over 30 years helping clients achieve amazing results with their skin.

With 3 children of my own, I understand life is busy, so I'd love to help you find the best regimen that works for you and your lifestyle!

Having owned my own traditional based Beauty Salon and time in the Laser Industry, I've learnt that my passion lies in results-driven skin treatments and products. I feel so fortunate to have the most amazing brands at my fingertips. This allows me to give the best possible treatment and home care advice you need to achieve the skin you desire.


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