The Best Toners for Oily Skin

Toners have a vital role in removing impurities from the pores after cleansing or targeting specific skin types (such as oily skin) to absorb or mop up excess oil from the pores leaving the skin grease or oil-free.


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A toner may look like it's just 'water', but it is actually a fast-absorbing liquid that supercharges your skin with essential vitamins to help the skin's microbiome or address a specific skin type or condition like oily skin or acne-prone skin (which often walk hand in hand).

Here are the best toners for oily skin:

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This clarifying tonic blends alpha and beta hydroxy acids to sweep away dead skin cells and remove excess surface oil, so skin stays shine-free. Herbal extracts refresh and purify clogged pores and help calm the skin.

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Medik8 Press & Clear is an everyday toner designed to deliver a visibly clear complexion. The lightweight formula offers a refreshing, non-sticky, non-stinging
application and helps with breakout prevention, action and post-care.

Improves the appearance of blemishes, visible pores and leaves the skin visibly clearer, brighter, smoother and healthier looking.

Suitable for sensitive, blemish prone, oily and congested skin.


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Say goodbye to shine and eliminate any pore-clogging oil and residual impurities after a cleanse with this exfoliating toner that keeps your skin clean and clear with salicylic and lactic acids. Purity Balance helps to restore balance for a complexion that radiates beauty, not shine.

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A refreshing and soothing toner that has 5 actions on the skin: pH balancing, pore refining, hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Daily Refresh Balancing Toner is a wonder product to add to your daily regime, not only to remove impurities, but to condition and balance skin.

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Formulated with antioxidants, plant essential extracts and salicylic acid, this toner prepares the skin for corrective agents, while treating the factors that contribute to problematic skin.


Not sure which toner is the best for you?

Ask one of our Skin Therapists in a Complimentary Skin Consultation. Or try our AI Skin Advisor, get a face analysis and find the best routine for oily skin in under 1min.

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