The Best Dermalogica SPF to Suit Your Skin Type

Do you find choosing an SPF for your skin type very confusing and somewhat frustrating?

SPF is the best anti-ageing product you can purchase! So today I am going to take out all the guesswork for you and break down all of Dermalogica's SPF must-have products and which skin type they are best suited for.

However, first things first! Do you wear SPF every single day of the year?

You may think SPF only needs to be applied in summer or when outdoors, so here is a little insight on how strong the Australian sun rays are and why this should be a daily ritual for us!

Dermalogica Invisible Physical Defense SPF30

Why should I wear sunscreen every day?


Australians have one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with two in every three Australians developing some form of skin cancer before the age of 70! This makes sun protection a MUST for all Australians, all year round!

The culprit behind skin cancer is the Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, that can cause sunburn, skin damage, eye damage, premature ageing, and ultimately, skin cancer.

There are two types of UV radiation:

UVB - this radiation is called UV Burning

  • Holds heat
  • Heat can be felt on the skin
  • Causes sunburn
  • Most dangerous/strongest when the sun is high in the sky, between 11 am-3 pm
  • Stronger in summer than winter
  • Has a larger wavelength, so it is only able to penetrate the epidermal layers

UVA - is called the ‘silent killer’ or ‘UV Ageing’

  • It does not hold heat
  • Cannot be felt on the skin
  • Does not cause sunburn, which means it is hard to know if we have had too much sun exposure
  • UVA has the same strength all day - sunrise to sunset
  • UVA strength is constant all year round, summer and winter - whether it's cloudy, rainy or sunny
  • UVA's shorter wavelength enables radiation to penetrate the dermal layers of the skin (our deepest layers), causing it to break down our collagen and elastin fibres - leading to premature skin ageing.

    All of Dermalogica's sunscreens are broad spectrum - which means they protect your skin from both types of UV rays.

Find the best Dermalogica SPF for your skin type:

For ageing skin

From the age smart range, an emollient moisturiser with broad-spectrum helps to combat visible signs of ageing. Rich in antioxidants and peptides for people concerned about ageing and like a moisturiser and sunscreen in one. For everyday use and 40+


For oily, breakout skins

Broad Spectrum sunscreen and moisturiser that is in the clearing range to help prevent shine and skin ageing on oily, breakout-prone skin for an all-day matte finish.


For pigmentation

Broad-spectrum sunscreen and moisturiser in one! Shield the skin from UV-induced hyperpigmentation (brown spots, discolouration, and uneven skin tone) with this medium-weight daytime treatment that helps exfoliate surface cells to enhance skin tone and eliminate dark spots.

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For a boost of hydration

Light-activated multi-tasking moisturiser that works with skin's daytime defence mode to provide Broad Spectrum SPF15 protection, boost the skin's natural luminosity, deliver lasting hydration and block 85% of pollutants.


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For all skin types (even sensitive)

The only Dermalogica sunscreen that offers physical protection, suited for all skin types. It is an invisible, weightless physical sunscreen that blends easily and works for every skin - even sensitive! As a bonus, this sun protection also protects from blue rays!


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For balanced, oily, acne-prone and congested skins or to minimise the appearance of pores on the skin

This new, multitasking sunscreen delivers
SPF 40 protection, while supporting healthy-looking pores, minimising their appearance with a blurring, primer-like effect, and enhancing skin tone with a hint of tint for radiant skin.

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