Menopause Symptoms and the Skin - Our Tips for Better Skin Post-Menopause

Menopause doesn't happen overnight - it is officially considered menopause when you go one year without having a period.

Not only do we experience some of the menopause symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and fatigue, but there are also effects on our skin. These menopausal symptoms can be gradual or happen pretty quickly once you reach menopause.

The age menopause starts can vary, but it happens between the ages of 45-55.
During the menopausal phase, the body's levels of estrogen are significantly lowered which affects our ability to create collagen, therefore affecting the skin.

The changes seen in the skin due to menopause

  • Loss of elasticity
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Sagging
  • Wrinkles
  • Dehydration
  • Large pores
  • Redness
  • Adult acne
  • Uneven skin tone, melasma
  • Dullness
  • Loss of elasticity and collagen not only in the face, but also in the neck area

Studies have shown that skin loses within the first 5 years of menopause, 30% of its collagen!

Most menopausal skins become drier and rough, accumulating dead skin cells, leading to dehydration and loss of vibrancy. This is due to the low levels of estrogen. Estrogen helps our skin produce oil and retain water. We also lose the essential fatty acids (EFAs) that hold our acid mantle together (the acid mantle is the protective layer of the skin).

Not only do we need to adjust our skincare accordingly but also need to supplement our diet.

Some skins start to experience adult acne, due to the fluctuations in hormonal levels. Estrogen levels drop and androgen (male sex hormone, like testosterone) levels remain the same, which increases sebum production causing pores to become blocked.

There is always help, and if your symptoms are unbearable, do not suffer in silence: seek medical advice and our team of Professional Skin Therapists is also always here to give you complimentary skin advice if you need to adjust your skincare regime to suit menopausal skin.

Here are a few skincare products to introduce into the skin if you are suffering from menopausal skin:

For a dry/sensitive skin type:

Introducing essential fatty acids to your diet, with the two primary sources of Omega 3 (DHA and KPA) will support cell membrane development and hence acid mantle creation and maintenance. Omega 6 and evening primrose oil help the ceramide on our skin by retaining moisture and Vitamin A was used in this formula to create a specialised, sustainable skin-glowing formula. This is an essential step in treating dehydrated skin.

For an oily skin type:

A complex and essential fatty acid supplement containing the two primary sources of Omega 3 (DHA and KPA) and Vitamin A. This will help regulate your sebum to a more watery consistency than the current thick consistency characteristic of Oily skin types, that can not flow through your hair follicles. It'll strengthen your Langerhans cells for healthy cell immunity function. Finally, it aids in cell membrane function for a healthier acid mantle and supports skin health.

For all skin types:

Bakuchiol, a plant-derived powerhouse, boasts collagen-boosting, skin-brightening, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, earning its reputation as the premier plant-based alternative to retinol worldwide. Its daily use, especially when applied twice a day, has proven to be as effective as retinol. This potent blend combines Bakuchiol with a robust mix of vitamins A, E, P, K, zinc, and omega-3-6-9, delivering a skincare multivitamin that deeply nourishes, shields, and aids in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Users have reported visible results within a mere 12 hours of incorporating this oil into their routine.

For dry skin types: Vitamin A promotes cell renewal, as it is the only vitamin that can access our skin's DNA to repair and correct the damage caused by sun exposure and by free radicals that can kill our skin cells..

For oily Skin types: Vitamin A serum work to regulate sebum, scarring, and cell turnover to help natural desquamation. Plus a collagen pre-curser.

About The Author:

I am Sari, a qualified Skin Therapist here at Skinmart. I have been in the skincare industry for over 15 years. I have a holistic approach to skin and my passion lies in ‘Health’. My philosophy is if we are healthy on the inside, then it shows our vitality on the outside.
I have furthered my knowledge with courses in Skin Anatomy, Advanced Skin Concerns, Advanced Skin Needling and Fitness.
My emphasis is on guiding my clients through their journey of skin concerns and conditions. I like to educate my clients and find the potential triggers for their skin concerns or condition so that together we can eliminate the root of the cause. I aim to give personalised consultations with treatment and correct prescribed skin products.

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