International Women's Day 2022

International Women's Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

This International Women's Day we wanted to celebrate the achievements of some of the many amazing women we are lucky enough to partner with here at Skinmart.

Get inspired by their entrepreneurial journey, their successes and hard lessons learnt through their time in the skincare industry.

Heather Harrison  Managing Director at Advanced Skin Technology

Heather Harrison

Managing Director at Advanced Skin Technology


Heather Harrison is an eminent leader in the Skincare industry. With a career spanning over 25 years in the competitive skincare market, it is Heather’s infectious passion for results driven skincare, and nurturing of her team and clinic business partnerships, that has defined the success of Advanced Skin Technology. A true visionary, Heather has built the Advanced Skin Technology business on a framework of innovation, commercial acumen, and a commitment to people development and education.

Heather began her career in retail management and then took a role as an Education Manager at Estee Lauder, a position she held for 7 years. In 1994 Heather left Estee Lauder to start her family and a friend she had worked alongside, left to start up Advanced Skin Technology. On April Fool’s day in 1996, Heather with two small children, made the decision to join her friend’s new business venture. After successfully marketing a glycolic skin care range and then Cosmedix skin care, the company explored local Australian manufacturing. Aspect, Advanced Skin Technology’s signature skin care range was created. Aspect is a gentle, simple cosmeceutical range of technologically advanced formulations which delivers transformative results. The company really took off and in 2011 merged with Device Technologies – a large independent distributor of medical technology and Heather continued as Managing Director.

During her tenure as Managing Director Heather has shaped a formidable business in the cosmeceutical market which offers an impressive portfolio of brands and needling devices. Aside from leading the commercial success of Advanced Skin Technology, Heather Harrison has touched the hearts and minds of many women in the cosmeceutical industry and is an inspirational leader and mentor.

1. What advice would you give to a young woman starting out in their career today?

Study something you are passionate about and gain your qualifications. Work hard at what you choose and strive to achieve your full potential.

Remember only you can create your path. Listen to those who inspire you, believe in yourself and stay focused on your future goals. Ultimately, the decisions you make and the chances you take, will determine your future.

Life is not always easy, fun, or prestigious. The bumps in the road build resilience. These challenges offer some of the greatest life lessens. Every experience helps you to understand yourself and others better. Embrace opportunities and savour a world of challenges because life is short. Remember the journey is the success, not the end point.

2. What is it that you are most proud of on your entrepreneurial journey?

I am proud of the Advanced Skin Technology business we have built over many years. In my heart, it is far more than the commercial growth of Advanced Skin Technology that fills me with pride. It is more about how the success of Advanced Skin Technology has changed the lives of our team, our clinic partners, and their clients. We deliver exceptional skin outcomes, have created Australian and New Zealand employment, and witnessed the personal growth of our team and clinic partners through working collaboratively and keeping our customers front and centre. The Advanced Skin Technology portfolio of products truly are market leaders in the clinical skincare arena. Our commitment to clinic partners and their clients is to search the world for innovative technology, to deliver the skin results we promise.

Business is about developing and growing people to succeed. In turn, they inspire others and the gift keeps being shared.

I was privileged to be a part of the team that created the Aspect family of products. I am very proud of the continued success of our Aspect brand. From a blank piece of paper, we created a range of skin care that was simple, gentle, and yet delivered transformative results. The Aspect family of products continue to evolve with ingredient enhancements, allowing clients to feel confident to face the world. I constantly receive client feedback on how Aspect has changed people’s lives. It reminds me why we all work so hard to make effective products, that are affordable, and allow people’s inner beauty to shine .

3. What was one of the hardest lessons you've learnt & what did you take out of it?

I have had many false starts personally and professionally. To be successful, you need to take risks and challenge yourself to try new things. Sometimes those risks pay off and sometimes they miss the mark. I have surrounded myself with incredible, talented people who give me honest feedback and support me in difficult times. It is important to know when something is not working and be brave enough to walk away. Never give up, simply change direction, and try something new. Every experience is an opportunity to learn.

Always take time to reflect and ensure you don’t make the same mistake again. I have done that one too many times!!

4. What is your all-time-favourite skincare product?

Aspect Redless, as it has 21 botanicals that give me antioxidants, hydration and calms my skin. It provides all in one comfort and nourishment, it's lightweight and easy to use. If I could have only two products, I would also have the Purastat 5 Cleanser, as truly clean skin is vital.

Kristie Millgate  General Manager at Dermalogica

Kristie Millgate

General Manager at Dermalogica


Kristie began her career as a Hairdresser believing this would give her the trade skills for long term success. Unfortunately, due to severe dermatitis she had to finish her apprenticeship early and it was from this devastation that led her to a career in Beauty Therapy. Beginning at Papillon Beauty College in Hobart, Tasmania, she was first introduced to Dermalogica and Jane Wurwand’s vison for our industry.

Kristie came from a passionate, hardworking, entrepreneurial family and learned from a young age the sacrifices needed to support the healthy functions of a business. This with the skillset of Beauty Therapy she had the building blocks for success. During her studies to become a Beauty Therapist she landed her first role at CAJ Hair and Beauty Studio in Moonah Tasmania, today CAJ are a very proud stockist of Dermalogica. From here she became a nail technician educating fellow Tasmanians the art of nails and also became a trainer for a small Australian brand. Working many Beauty Expo’s in Sydney, Kristie made the move in 2004 where she managed a Beauty Salon in Mosman, whilst building the nail brand in the eastern suburbs. In 2009 Kristie was excited to pursue the opportunity to join the amazing tribe at Dermalogica as a Business Consultant, doing what she loved – supporting small business owners to reach their full potential/growth. This was the beginning of her journey at Dermalogica where she then moved to managing the NSW/ACT teams and soon after took on a National role. Kristie continued her success becoming the General Manager of Australia where she really has had the opportunity to shine.

1. What advice would you give to a young woman starting out in their career today?

I would tell them that their biggest learnings will come from their failures. Don’t be afraid to take a risk and to try something that may not have been proven before. Don’t wait until you have something perfect before you press ‘GO’ with an idea and know what you want to achieve (your desired outcome) and continue to adjust your course according to the results you are seeing.

2. What is it that you are most proud of on your entrepreneurial journey?

For me personally it’s that I started my journey as a hairdresser but due to severe dermatitis my career in hairdressing was short lived and pushed me down the path of Beauty Therapy. We have a unique industry that was once known as a pampering, luxury industry and therefore am very proud to be leading our Dermalogica Tribe as we continue to showcase our industry expertise to the Professional Skin Therapist.

Dermalogica was founded by Jane Wurwand’s idea of empowering women through education. We have since grown to be the leading professional skin care brand, and every year we train more than 100,000 skin therapists around the world. Jane’s vision is still very much in our DNA.

I am proud to be leading the amazing Dermalogica Tribe of very passionate team members that also live by example to those Professional Skin Therapists in our industry. We support the industry through great education and products so Professional Skin Therapists can confidently offer customised skin care regimens and services for every individual client.

3. What was one of the hardest lessons you've learnt & what did you take out of it?

The hardest lesson for me to learn was that no matter how passionate you are or driven to see the success of others, it is not always up to me to see all succeed. I can do as much as I possibly can to lead by example and inspire those around me to be the best version of themselves and believe they can succeed, however a big part of it comes down to the individual themselves. Not everyone wants what we see in them and sometimes we have to learn to accept that, as hard as it may be. For an individual to be truly successful they also need to want and believe in the vision and themselves.

4. What is your all-time-favourite skincare product?

This is challenging one as I love so many of our latest innovations, especially the Dermalogica Daily Glycolic Cleanser! However I must say if I could only choose one it would have to be the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50! Ensuring I always have the best protection for my skin that can also combat the signs of ageing (as I am in my 40s now)!

Felecia Tappenden & Belinda Robinson

Co-Founders of CanGro


CanGro, is an Australian owned (and made) company created by two friends with lousy lashes! After endless hours and money spent on lash extensions and various lash enhancement products, that made our eyes sensitive, red and had very little effect (except on our bank balance $) we enlisted the help of a Cosmetic Chemist to develop our own eyelash enhancer to nourish, nurture and GROW our lashes, making them appear longer, fuller and darker.

After research and testing, we developed an ‘Australian Made’ eyelash enhancer, named 'Long Lashes' that repairs and strengthens your own lashes, leaving you with longer and fuller looking lashes in as little as 4 to 8 weeks. Best of all, our product is Vegan, Hormone Free, Cruelty Free and Gluten Free!

After such success with our initial product, we have since launched new products including Bold Brows eyebrow enhancer, Hero Hair growth serum and Beauty Bod collagen. Also Australian Made, vegan and nasty free!

1. What advice would you give to a young woman starting out in their career today?

Felicia : I would say: Just back yourself and believe in yourself, and just make it happen, go out and do it! Don't hold back! We did think about it for a while before we actually ventured out on the business and we've certainly never looked back!

Belinda: don't let fear hold you back, do your research of course, get your friends on board and do your market research and if it's a product that you believe in you do it, because you love it, not because you want to make money, that will come if it's a great idea - but just believe in yourself and go for it!

2. What is it that you are most proud of on your entrepreneurial journey?

Felecia: I'm probably most proud of the fact that we are two friends, mothers and wives and we are running a business, but we are also running a family home, looking after the children and the husbands, feeding the dog. We are Multitasking as women do so well and we've got it all, you can run a business and have a family all at the same time! We might be on school canteen at lunchtime for our daughters then at the end of the day on a conference call with the UK, it just does work

Belinda: I think being a good role model, we both have daughters and so we are being good role models for our daughters and that is something that we are really proud of. And also being Australian Made, so our products are Australian made and that is something that has been really beneficial for us over the past four years

3. What was one of the hardest lessons you've learnt & what did you take out of it?

Felicia : If it seems too good to be true, it is too good to be true. We recently made quite a large financial investment that didn't really pay off. Probably looking back now, instinct told us not to go down that path, but the girls that we are we thought we would give it a shot! And we’ve learnt from our mistakes the whole way along. It's not as though that has only happened once, we have made mistakes the entire way through but we do learnt from them

Belinda: And everyone will make mistakes. And you will meet many business owners, even very successful business owners that have made multiple mistakes. The lesson is to learn from them move on and keep going and you'll be successful

4. What is your all-time-favourite skincare product?

Felicia: Mine would be mascara, you know, your eyes are the window to your soul. So mascara - a good waterproof mascara (and luckily enough we are going to launch a mascara very soon!). After working on it for two years it's finally happening and it has our special lash growth ingredient in it as well!

Belinda: I would take a good moisturiser because I hate having dry skin, or maybe a moisturiser with sunscreen, because sunscreen is the most important beauty product that you can have.

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