Meet BT Sculpt: The New Revolutionary Facial Toning Device

Introducing the BT Sculpt from Bio Therapeutic - a game-changing facial toning device that brings professional-grade lifting and firming to the palm of your hand.


This rechargeable, handheld unit is set to revolutionise the way we achieve a more toned and lifted appearance from the comfort of our own home.


Proven technology


Microcurrent technology has been around for decades in the treatment room, it's a proven tool for skin professionals focussing on firming and toning the skin.


At the heart of the BT Sculpt lies a pre-programmed energising system that stimulates the facial topography, resulting in firmer and more toned skin.

With four self-tensioning stainless steel probes, the device offers superior coverage across two channels and four independently controlled energy pathways. This level of precision and control was previously only available in the professional treatment room.

Sculpt your way to firmer skin


The four probes of the BT Sculpt are expertly crafted from surgical-quality stainless steel, ensuring optimal skin contact and tension during the treatment.

This unique shape and precision matte finish make them ideal for achieving exceptional coverage and lifting results.

The lower two probes provide just the right amount of assisted lift and ensures perfect skin contact and tension during the treatment for exceptional coverage and skin lift.

Revolutionary microcurrent technology at the press of a button.

Operating the BT Sculpt is a breeze, thanks to one-button access to two powerful Suzuki Sequencing programs:


LIFT program

for unmatched facial lifting

SKIN program

for combining skinwork with targeted skincare solutions for enhanced absorption


Results that you can see after one use, as well as cumulative benefits over time

With the BT Sculpt, Bio Therapeutic has brought professional-grade lifting and firming to the convenience of a handheld device. The combination of patented Suzuki Sequencing technology, four self-tensioning probes, and user-friendly controls make this device a game-changer in the world of facial toning. Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to a more toned and lifted appearance from the comfort of your own home. Experience the future of skincare with the BT Sculpt from Bio Therapeutic.

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