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Moisturisers do more than simply keep your skin from drying out. Moisturisers from Professional Skincare brands are now true multi-taskers and are suited to your individual skin types. With added benefits such as environmental protection with SPF or anti-pollution defence professional moisturisers are essential for radiant, healthy skin.

Applying a moisturiser to the face creates a barrier that will help keep essential oils from escaping. If you have a normal skin type then a light moisturiser is the go, with dryer skins preferring a heavier cream with humectants to lock in moisture.

For those oily skins, an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturiser that won't clog your pores is essential. Sensitive skins should be looking for moisturisers that are fragrance-free and ingredients that help build barrier protection to reduce irritation.

Skinmart has day moisturiser and night moisturisers for every skin type. If you need help with finding the perfect moisturiser for your skin then contact us for free advice on the perfect moisturiser.

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