Your Winter Masque Must Haves!

There’s nothing like Winter to bring about feelings of cosy days and nights indoors by the fire, rugged up with a warm drink but often the cold weather can leave your skin feeling dry and depleted. Winter is the perfect time to repair and restore your health, body and energy in time for the busy times ahead in Summer.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity to target any specific skin concerns and a great way to do that is by applying a masque three times a week to really target and treat skin concerns and conditions. 

Cosmedix have launched three fantastic new masques to add to their line up of skin saviours. These masques offer something for everyone when it comes to winter skin fixes!

Detox - Activated Charcoal Masque

Cosmedix Detox Masque

Detoxify your skin from daily urban pollution that can lead to accelerated visible signs of ageing. This charcoal and clay based mask, gently exfoliates skin, draws out impurities and effectively cleanses away pollutants for a visibly brighter, more radiant complexion. 

Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out oil, dirt and debris that clogs pores while Kaolin Clay helps to draw out and absorb excess oil and impurities and Diatomaceous Earth is a great exfoliating ingredient. Great for those with sensitive skin and congested pores! Shop Detox Mask Now

Restore - Moisture Rich Masque

Restore skin with vital moisture, vitamins and essential fatty acids to help promote water retention and proper lipid balance. This ultra-moisturising mask visually plumps skin to help smooth out wrinkles and refines skin texture. The result is a healthier-looking complexion and skin that feels softer and revitalised. 

Mango Seed Butter and Squalane moisturise the skin and Sodium Hyaluronate helps to increase hydration penetration into the skin to help plump fine lines and prevent transepidermal water loss. Other key ingredients like Papaya Fruit Extract, Adenosine Triphosphate and Algin Complex exfoliate, energise and lock in moisture for smoother, healthier-looking skin. Great for dry skin! Shop Restore Mask Now.

Glow - Bamboo Brightening Masque 

This brightening mask helps remove dead surface cells first to provide optimal absorption of brightening ingredients and reduce the appearance of discolouration, uneven skin tone and roughness. 

Bamboo Stem Extract helps to exfoliate the skin and Niacinamide improves skin’s thickness, dramatically enhances barrier function, helps erase the appearance of discolouration and revives skin’s healthy tone and texture. Vitamin C derivatives help penetrate oily skin to provide antioxidant protection and reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Say hello to smoother, brighter and more luminous looking skin! Shop Glow mask Now.

These three new Masques add to the current Cosmedix current range which include Clear and Pure Enzyme. So make sure your skin is looking its brilliant best and make the most of those movie nights in and pop on a Masque! Checkout our full range of masks or masques here or if you need some help selecting the right one for your skin or concern - reach out to us today.

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