What does Vitamin D do for the Skin?

We all know about the benefits of a Vitamin D boost in our bodies, from promoting healthy bones and teeth to supporting immune defence, our brain and nervous system to supporting cardiovascular health, Vitamin D is an essential. But can Vitamin D also improve our skin’s health?

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin essential to maintain overall skin health, as well as numerous other benefits for the body. Vitamin D is crucial for skin protection and healthy Vitamin D levels can also help prevent premature skin ageing.

Now the deficiency of Vitamin D, that can occur due to lack of sun exposure or due to nutritional causes, is associated with the risk of psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.

Although our skin is able to manufacture a lot of Vitamin D after 20-30 minutes of summer sun exposure, there are many limiting factors to internal Vitamin D synthesis in our bodies - those include age, skin colour, geographic latitude, seasonal variation in sunlight availability and the widespread (but necessary) use of sunscreen; all of which make it difficult for your body to produce the Vitamin D it needs for optimal health through sun exposure alone.

To not mention that too much sun damages the skin, creating wrinkles and fine lines, while increasing skin damage risk.

Recent studies have shown that the transdermal route of Vitamin D can provide amazing results to raise Vitamin D levels in our bodies and skin!

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A hydrating day cream formulated with Vitamin D to soothe and protect damaged skin that occurred due to ageing. Boosting peptide will enhance the appearance of a firmer and more even skin tone and less visible frown lines. Refining Pore Perfect Technology helps reinforce the appearance of the pores for more youthful skin texture. Combines a patented peptide that improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance, plus excellent moisturising properties with essential fatty acids will retain moisture and fortify the skin’s protective barrier.

Boosting peptides help the appearance of a more firm and more even skin tone and less visible frown lines. Refining Pore Perfect Technology helps reinforce the appearance of the pores for a more youthful skin texture.

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