ASAP DNA Renewal Treatment

ASAP DNA Renewal Treatment

ASAP DNA Renewal Treatment is specially formulated with cutting edge Telomere Technology which is proven to assist in the protection and repair of DNA damage, skin ageing including wrinkles and wrinkle depth. 

The cutting edge ingredient technology helps to repair past skin damage, restore skin firmness, regain youthfullness, restore hydration and protect skin's future, combined with a unique Multi-Peptide Complex to enhance your skin’s cellular longevity and vitality.

Self-regenerative stem cell technology and polyglucuronic acid also help boost cell renewal to rapidly smooth fine lines and assist in restoring optimal hydration and elastin, resulting in remarkably firmer and younger looking skin.

- Up to 96% wrinkle reduction in 1 month. 

- Up to 24% increase in skin hydration in 1 month. 

- Up to 99.1% protection against skin cell DNA damage.

Use nightly for skin with visible signs of ageing, alternatively 2-3 times a week to maintain a youthful appearance. Apply one pump to cleansed skin after serums and prior to moisturisers.


DNA technology within the skincare realm is taking the world by storm and was recently shown on Today Tonight in Adelaide - watch it here!

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