This Luxurious Limited Edition Product is The PERFECT Christmas Gift!

Special moments require unique details!

Mesoestetic have launched a limited-time edition of the silver crystal range of 'The Element'. An exceptional anti-ageing cream accompanied by a signature jewel in a sophisticated case make the perfect deluxe Christmas gift!

This anti-ageing cream was created thinking of the science behind the skin's microbiome, to prevent and correct the main signs of ageing.

Why is the skin microbiome so important?

Our skin microbiome is formed by a great diversity of micro-organisms, its function is to ensure that the skin is protected, helping it to defend itself from external aggressions. Rebalancing and strengthening the skin, a healthy microbiome is essential to create a protective barrier over time to prevent the appearance of the signs of ageing.

The formula is based on three latest generation complexes with advanced active ingredients that act synergistically.

1 - Agebiome Complex

  • It reinforces the skin microbiome through a combination of pre, pro, and post- biotics to obtain a balanced, resistant skin.

2 - Defense Shield

  • Protects the skin from oxidative stress, strengthening the defense function and providing luminosity and vitality to the skin.
  • Environmental conditions, pollution, UV radiation, and acne are factors present in our daily lives that destabilise our defense barrier and can cause the appearance of signs of ageing.

3 - Powercell System

  • It prevents and corrects the main signs of ageing by delaying cell senescence, inhibiting the process of wrinkle formation, and reactivating the synthesis of the main constituent elements of the dermis
  • An advanced peptide complex works to identify and restructure the skins while smoothing out wrinkles for a visibly younger appearance.

The element is an exclusive global anti-ageing treatment, inspired by skin microbiome science, that prevents and corrects the main signs of ageing.

This unique formula comes with an exclusive sterling silver and zirconia bracelet. A signature jewel to enhance feminine beauty.

Product and gift are presented in a sophisticated limited edition case.

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