The Best Anti-Ageing Routine to Have in Your 30's

The 30's are typically seen as a time of transition and growth for most, and the same should apply to your skincare routine.

Let's take a look at all the changes your skin undergoes through your 30's, the best anti-ageing skincare tips and the top recommended products by our Skin Experts so you can have the best anti-ageing routine in your 30's!

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Common skin changes your skin will experience in your 30's

  1. Fine lines and wrinkles: The production of collagen and elastin, which are proteins responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, starts to decline. This can lead to the formation of fine lines and early wrinkles, especially around the eyes and forehead.

  2. Loss of elasticity: The skin becomes less firm and starts to lose its ability to bounce back after being stretched. This is due to the reduced production of collagen and elastin.

  3. Uneven skin tone: Sun exposure and other environmental factors over the years may cause discolouration, such as age spots or hyperpigmentation, which can make the skin tone look less even.

  4. Drier skin: The skin's natural ability to retain moisture decreases with age, leading to drier and potentially rougher skin.

  5. Slower cell turnover: The rate at which skin cells renew and shed slows down as we age, leading to a duller complexion and potentially clogged pores.

  6. Increased sensitivity: Some people may experience increased skin sensitivity and may be more prone to irritation or redness.

  7. Volume loss: Fat beneath the skin diminishes with age, leading to a loss of plumpness and volume, particularly in the cheeks and temples.

  8. Expression lines become more prominent: Lines that appear with facial expressions, such as smile lines or frown lines, become more visible due to reduced collagen and skin elasticity.

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To help address the changes experienced by your skin in your 30's and maintain healthy, radiant complexion, it's important to establish a more results-driven skincare routine.

Our Skin Experts share their best advice and tips to look after your skin in your 30's below.

Here are the best anti-ageing tips for your 30's

  • Sun protection: If you don't already, start using sunscreen daily (whether it is sunny outside or not!) to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, which can accelerate ageing.

  • Hydration: Moisturise regularly to keep your skin hydrated and combat dryness or for further hydration introduce a hyaluronic acid serum into your regime.

  • Antioxidants: Incorporate products with antioxidants like Vitamin C to help protect your skin from free radical damage.

  • Retinoids: Consider using retinol or other retinoids to encourage collagen production and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Peptides: Enhance your already serums of vitamin A and C with peptides to communicate or trigger a response in certain skin cells of the skin (such as the fibroblast cells) for collagen and elastin production.

  • Gentle exfoliation: Enzyme exfoliation can help improve cell turnover and reveal fresher skin without disrupting our skin's protective layer.

  • LED Light Therapy: Upgrading your routine with an at-home, LED mask or device can take your anti-ageing results to a whole new level. LED treatments are painless, non-invasive and do not require any downtime. A LED mask can provide you with superior skin rejuvenation, cell renewal, inflammation decrease, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, wound healing and acne fighting results.

  • Healthy lifestyle: Eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can also contribute to overall skin health.

It's important to note that the extent and rate of these changes can vary depending on factors like genetics, lifestyle choices (e.g. sun exposure, smoking), skincare habits, and overall health.

While ageing is a natural process, taking good care of your skin, adopting a healthy lifestyle, applying sunscreen daily, and maintaining a consistent skincare routine can help minimise the effects of skin ageing and keep your skin looking youthful and healthy.

Here are my top skincare product recommendations for your 30's

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Invisible, weightless physical sunscreen that blends easily and works for every skin - even sensitive.

Say goodbye to thick, white residue with this physical SPF formula that offers critical defence against UVA rays and blue light. Amazing for all skin types, even sensitive skins with it's soothing properties.

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Concentrated treatment with hyaluronic acid that provides the skin with a moisturising, anti-ageing, repulping and filling action.

Combines hyaluronic acid in several molecular forms to provide, stimulate and protect its presence in key skin layers.

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Formulated with nourishing, pampering oils combined with the anti-ageing power of vitamin C, this fast-absorbing vitamin C serum is ideal for those looking for skin rejuvenation.

Perfect for those who are new to vitamin C and boosted with additional brightening and nourishing ingredients.

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This next-generation, rare form of Vitamin A acts up to 11x faster than classic retinol at providing remarkable anti-ageing, radiance-boosting and skin-smoothing benefits to the skin.

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An ultra-hydrating, crystal-clear serum that sinks effortlessly and rapidly into skin, providing you with the very best in anti-ageing technology. As the lightweight serum is massaged into the skin, the 30% peptide complex starts its multi-faceted approach to rejuvenating the skin.

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Aspect Fruit Enzyme Mask is a potent antioxidant-rich exfoliation mask, carefully formulated to gently eliminate dead skin build-up without irritation or harm revealing a hydrated, brighter, smooth complexion.

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Omnilux Contour Face is a home-use LED light device that uses light-emitting diodes (aka LED) clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, fight dark spots and pigmentation, and improve overall skin tone, firmness, and health.

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The Environ Cosmetic Roll CIT is a revolutionary needling device to help improve the appearance of skin. It has been designed to increase the effects of topically applied skincare products and can easily be used on large and small areas. This device will give the appearance of tighter and smoother skin, while reducing the appearance of fine lines, scars and dilated blood vessels. It is a convenient device without the pain and discomfort.

Too many options make you feel confused? Don't worry! Get in touch with us for a Complimentary Skin Consult - our team of Skin Therapists can help you find the best products and routine to suit your individual skin.

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