NEW! Skincare Formulated for Menopausal Skin



Welcome to the world of peri-menopausal and menopausal skin.


This is a phase in a woman's life that deserves recognition, whether we are reading up on it or hearing firsthand experiences.


Whether you are years away from this transformative stage or currently navigating through hot flashes and other changes, it's a time to honour.



Metamorphosis Chrysalis



Gone are the days of battling teenage and adult breakouts, dealing with oily skin, and having collagen that bounces back in the blink of an eye.


In this stage, we encounter new skin changes, ones that are visible and felt on the skin. This is the time to adapt your skincare routine to match these changes.



What changes do we see in the skin?

The main changes that come with this stage of life is:


  • Reduced collagen levels leading to diminished skin firmness and sagging.
  • Appearance of jowls and age spots.
  • Wrinkles becoming more permanent and visible even without facial expressions.
  • Development of extremely dry and sensitive skin due to hormonal fluctuations.
  • Occurrence of hot flushes and night sweats without warning.

Introducing Metamorphosis


Metamorphosis gives you a blend of nature and science specifically designed to target menopause or post-menopause skin.


The natural ingredients within these products have been proven to rejuvenate your skin.



Metamorphosis Chrysalis



Metamorphosis is a modern and effective skincare line dedicated to addressing the unique needs of your skin during this stage in life.


Metamorphosis Clinical Results

After 24 months of research and development,
the Metamorphosis range was trialled with groups of women aged between 40 - 72 over a period of 3 months.


These are the results:

  • 99% saw an increase in plumpness and hydration
  • 72% saw a reduction in pore size and breakouts
  • 98% saw a reduction in fine lines
  • 89% saw an increase in skin elasticity
  • 99% had someone comment positively on their skin
  • 96% saw a reduction in age spots and an improved skin tone
  • 77% saw a reduction in pigmentation
  • 99% saw a reduction in crepey skin
  • 86% saw a reduction of lines around the upper lip area


Metamorphosis Favourites


This cleansing solution is enriched with nourishing Shea butter designed to moisturise your skin as it effectively removes makeup, excess oil, and environmental impurities. It also maintains your skin's pH balance and ensures it stays adequately hydrated, all without depriving it of its essential oils. Plus, it's gentle on the eyes and allows the removal of mascara and makeup to be easy.




Menopause triggers a decrease in estrogen levels, which in turn leads to an increase in melanin production, resulting in hyperpigmentation, often referred to as 'melasma or brown age spots.' This exfoliating powder-to-paste formula effectively removes dead skin cells, brightens pigmentation and age spots, and facilitates the deeper penetration of serums and oils into your skin. Enriched with the potent antioxidant Vitamin C, along with Yoghurt and Rice Enzymes with Vitamin C gently reveals a smoother, more radiant complexion, eliminating flaws and revealing radiant skin.




Menopause leads to a reduction in the presence of ceramides, which are natural lipids found in high concentrations. As hormone levels decrease, the skin may become dry, loose, and thinner. To address this, the skin requires more moisture, typically provided by a richer cream. Additionally, skin cell renewal slows down during this period, accompanied by lower sebum levels, potentially resulting in dull and lifeless skin if not properly cared for.

This nighttime cream, enhanced with natural ceramides, phytoestrogens, hyaluronic acid, amino acids, peptides, and natural retinols, delivers exceptional benefits while you rest. Phytoestrogens serve as a substitute for the diminishing estrogen levels during menopause, ceramides strengthen your skin's protective barrier, and the cream's bakuchiol and rambutan components stimulate collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation.


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