Skin Minimalism (aka Skinimalism) - Explained by a Skin Therapist

In a world brimming with options, sometimes less truly is more. This philosophy extends to skincare, where simplicity and efficacy converge to create a harmonious routine in the beauty and skincare industries latest trend - skin minimalism (or skinimalism).

Say goodbye to cluttered shelves and complicated regimens, and say hello to multifunctional skincare. The idea of skin minimalism is to get the best out of your products, simplifying your routine with only the products you need.

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Let's explore a collection of curated products that embody the essence of skin minimalism, giving you a clear and radiant complexion with just the essentials.

1. Porescreen SPF40: Defend and Hydrate

The foundation of any minimalist skincare routine is built upon the fundamentals.

Begin with the Porescreen SPF40, your daily armor against environmental aggressors. This multitasking marvel hydrates your skin while creating a protective barrier. With a seamless fusion of a moisturiser, pore minimiser, SPF, and primer, it streamlines your morning routine without compromising on quality. Simplify your steps and shield your skin, all in one product.

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2. Dynamic Skin Recovery: All-in-one powerful anti-ageing moisturiser and sunscreen SPF50

Ageing gracefully is an art, and the Dynamic Skin Recovery cream is your masterpiece. Combining the benefits of an age-defying moisturiser and SPF protection, it's an exquisite addition to your minimalist collection.

Rich in ingredients that promote skin elasticity and firmness, this all-in-one sunscreen and moisturiser embraces the minimalist ethos by offering multiple benefits in a single step.

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3. Oil to Foam: Cleanse with Ease

Simplicity extends to cleansing with the Oil to Foam Cleanser. This innovative gem transforms from oil to foam, encapsulating the concept of pre-cleansing and cleansing in a single bottle.

Effortlessly removing makeup, impurities, and pollutants, it primes your skin for subsequent steps. Minimalism doesn't mean sacrificing efficacy! This product ensures that your skin is perfectly prepped for the rest of your routine.


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4. Smart Response Serum: Your Skin's Best Friend

Elevate your minimalism game with the Smart Response Serum — a true powerhouse that addresses multiple concerns in a singular serum.

Bid adieu to an array of products cluttering your shelf. This serum intelligently responds to your skin's needs, delivering hydration, brightness, soothing relief, and targeted anti-ageing benefits.

Fine lines and wrinkles are tackled with precision, reflecting the synergy of minimalism and efficacy.


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5. Hydro Masque Exfoliant: All-in-One Marvel

Exfoliation meets rejuvenation and hydration in the Hydro Masque Exfoliant, a two-in-one masque that streamlines your skincare ritual, allowing active ingredients to fully absorb and perform to their utmost potential (all in a single step).

Unveil your skin's radiance with this hydrating mask and exfoliant fusion, eliminating dullness and promoting a smoother texture.


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6. Prisma Protect: Light Up Your Beauty

Minimalism isn't limited to skincare; it extends to embracing your natural luminosity. Enter Dermalogica's Prisma Protect, now with SPF30, where intelligent drone technology collaborates with visible light to enhance your skin's radiance.

This moisturiser + SPF hybrid embodies Skin Minimalism at its finest, as your skin is both nourished and protected, all while reveling in its inherent glow.


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