Skincare For Every Dad

Fathers Day is just around the corner, and to celebrate Dad, we wanted to share with you some skincare tips that will help Dad with his skin,  no matter what is the environment he’s in or type of work he does.

Proper skincare is vital because the skin is the most significant barrier against infection that we have. Using a proper skincare regimen daily can help preserve this important protective layer.

Compared to women’s, men’s skin is naturally packed with more collagen and elastin, making their skin thick and firm. Hence the signs of ageing appearing much later in men than in women. Men’s skin also tend to have more oil, so preventing oil secretion while keeping the balance of the skin is essential.

Men need skincare, whether they want to admit it or not. So let’s teach Dad how to take care of his skin this Fathers Day!

Skincare for every dad

The Tradie Dad

These Dads’ skin is constantly exposed to the harsh environment of the sun, dirt, dust, and grime, from working outdoors in their field. Their skin can be thick due to dead skin build-up, sun-damaged and dehydration, to not mention it might be environmentally sensitised.

For the Tradie Dad, let’s keep it simple: A Cleanser to be used morning and nighttime (preferentially oil based to remove dirt and grime easily from their pores), a Moisturiser at night, and a Moisturiser with a physical SPF of 30+ during the day. Only three products will keep dad’s skin healthy and protected from the sun! If he wants, he can also add an Exfoliator to that routine a couple times a week!


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The Office Dad

These dads’ skin can be very dehydrated or sensitised from the use of the air conditioner and heater. Continuous exposure to the blue light from their computer can lead to damaged skin cells and an increase of premature skin ageing.

The Office Dad may want a more advanced skincare regime to prevent their skin cells from ageing at a faster rate. These can include active serums with vitamins A, C and B, antioxidants, and peptides.

These serums will be utilised together with their Cleanser, Sunscreen with Moisturiser for the daytime and regular Moisturiser at nighttime.

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The Work From Home Dad

The busy family dad looking after the kids, hustling and bustling their schedule of school, sport, and after-care activities. These dads may have the time to spend more value on their skin. They may be able to add to their daily regime, a weekly exfoliation and mask too!

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The Outdoorsy/Sports Dad

These dads are the adventure or adrenaline junkie dads! They spend a lot of time outside, they surf, play sports or just love exploring in general!

However, the harsh environment, sun and activities can lead to over-production of sweat and oil glands, thicker and sun-damaged skin.

For these dads, an investment in a good foamy Salicylic Acid or AHA Cleanser to remove the day’s worth of sweat and oil is a good idea. Also a Moisturiser with a Physical SPF 30+ to protect their skin from the harsh rays of the sun!

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The Relaxed Dad

These dads are relaxed and carefree about their skin and will admit they are happy to try something new for their skin. A simple 1, 2, 3 step skincare regime will suit the relaxed dad. This would include a Cleanser, Exfoliator and a Moisturiser (with SPF for the daytime!).

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My name is Sari Pols, I have been in the skin care industry for over 15 years. My passion lies in ‘Health’. Health for the skin and body. My philosophy is if we have a good-well being on the inside, then it shows our vitality on the outside. I have furthered my knowledge in Skin Anatomy, Skin Concerns and Fitness. I am a true believer in how to make my clients feel their best both inside and out. My emphasis is on guiding my clients through their personal journey of skin concerns and conditions. I do not like to bandaid a concern or condition but want to get down to the root of the cause. I aim to give personalised consultations with treatment and correct prescribed skin products.

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