Our 3 Aspect Skincare Favourites to Revitalise Your Skin Barrier

by Emily Mercovich - Beauty Therapist/Aspect Skincare


Winter, with its blend of freezing winds and parched indoor heating, can bring unique challenges to our skin's health, amplifying moisture loss and leaving our skin craving hydration!

As we enter the warmth of spring, it's vital to maintain a healthy skin barrier, the body's principal shield against environmental stresses. A balanced skin microbiome, a healthy acid mantle, and optimal hydration levels are crucial to preventing conditions such as dryness, acne, dermatitis, and rosacea.

Over-exfoliation, lengthy hot showers, inadequate hydration in your skincare regime or using products unsuitable for your skin type and condition can cause these imbalances.

Moreover, factors such as an incorrect skincare routine, age, genetics, illness, weather conditions, stress, and medications can also instigate an impaired skin barrier.

Consultation with a skin therapist is essential to understand your skin type and develop a personalised skincare plan. And as we transition into the warmer seasons, we present our top three Aspect favourites that may help to fortify your skin's barrier function and heighten hydration.

The 3 Best Aspect Skincare Products to Strenghten Your Skin Barrier

1. Aspect Probiotic Mask
is a revitalising treat for your skin, delivering an infusion of crucial nutrients, probiotics, and antioxidants to help your skin appear luminous. This luxuriously nourishing mask is crafted to soothe and hydrate dry, dehydrated skin, replenishing it with essential nutrients. Witness the transformative power of this mask as it revitalises your skin, revealing a fresh, healthylooking, radiant complexion.


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2. Aspect Hydrating Serum. Craving that supple, dewy look? Our Aspect Hydrating Serum, a lightweight, swift-absorbing moisture surge, is designed with you in mind. A splendid addition to any skincare regimen, this super-hydrating formula incorporates a blend of high and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid forms, which assists with restoring your skin's moisture balance and leaving it feeling hydrated and healthy-looking. This serum is an ideal choice for those with dry, dehydrated, and devitalised skin and a superb alternative to cream-based moisturisers for those with oily skin types.

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3. Aspect Extreme B17.
As the winter chill sets in, our Aspect Extreme B17 serum becomes the perfect all-rounder. This powerhouse serum helps plump the skin, even out skin tone, and balance excess oil. Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is a potent ingredient in the serum that works wonders in refining skin appearance, reducing the appearance of fine lines, evening out skin tone, and improving skin texture. The Aspect Extreme B17 formulation also includes various ingredients designed to restore hydration and reinforce the skin's moisture barrier. Consistent use will make your skin appear smooth, soft, hydrated, and resilient against winter's harsh conditions.


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Take a proactive step towards enhanced skin health this winter by maintaining a robust barrier function and boosting your skin's hydration with our Aspect favourites. Optimal skin health is within reach with Aspect, promising a glowing, hydrated complexion, regardless of the season.

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