NEW! Your Ultimate Treatment for Deep, Cystic Acne

Anyone who has experienced deep, cystic acne knows how frustrating and challenging that can be to treat.

Regular salicylic acid acne treatments often fall short when it comes to reaching and effectively treating these hidden blemishes.


Moreover, these treatments are not safe for use during pregnancy, which, along with monthly hormonal fluctuations, is one of the leading causes of deep breakouts. While targeted treatments like 'zit stickers' have gained popularity, they are not without their drawbacks. These stickers, though effective in some cases, can be highly visible and may even seal in bacteria, delaying the healing process.



Dermalogica's NEW! Deep Breakout Liquid Patch offers a revolutionary solution to this persistent problem. This powerful sulfur-based treatment sets itself apart by going on clear and drying invisible, allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere, even over makeup. 

Its unique formulation forms a semi-permeable barrier that not only facilitates airflow to aid in the healing process but also shields the skin from pollution and bacteria. With Deep Breakout Liquid Patch, you can apply the treatment as soon as you feel a blemish forming, nipping breakouts in the bud before they even become visible.

What's more, this liquid-to-patch spot treatment is completely safe for use during pregnancy.


The key benefits of Deep Breakout Liquid Patch are numerous:

  • Its transformative nature allows it to go from a liquid to a patch, providing soothing relief while effectively clearing and preventing deep, painful breakouts

  • Unlike traditional treatments, it targets the breakouts that you can feel beneath the skin, ensuring that they never surface

  • Shields the skin from pollution and bacteria whilst allowing airflow

  • Clear, dry and invisible, it can be applied over makeup

  • Completely safe to use during pregnancy


It's a game-changer for anyone dealing with deep, cystic breakouts associated with hormonal fluctuations during menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, menopause, periods of high stress and fertility treatments.


When it comes to sensory experience, Deep Breakout Liquid Patch is a yellow gel that applies clear, providing a cooling sensation upon contact with the skin. As it dries down, it creates an invisible, protective patch that works swiftly to heal deep breakouts, bringing you closer to a clear and radiant complexion.


Say goodbye to painful blemishes and hello to healthier, happier skin. Whether you're dealing with hormonal fluctuations, stress-related breakouts, or other triggers, Deep Breakout Liquid Patch has got you covered.

Key Ingredients

  • 5% Colloidal Sulfur helps combat breakout-causing bacteria for rapid skin clearing.

  • Camphor provides a cooling sensation to immediately soothe the throbbing associated with deep breakouts.

  • 4% Niacinamide reduces redness and fades post-breakout marks.

  • Polyphenol-rich Pomegranate Extract smooths and supports skin’s natural exfoliation process.

  • A liquid-to-patch, lipid-based, skin- mimicking film forms an invisible and semi-permeable barrier that allows airflow to help breakouts heal while protecting skin from pollution and bacteria.

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How to use

Dispense a rice-sized amount onto back of hand. Use finger to dap a small amount on deep breakouts at the first feeling of the breakout, gently rubbing into skin until absorbed and completely invisible. Allow one minute for product dry down. Repeat as needed throughout the day. Do not use near eyes or lips.

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