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Medik8 are always researching and looking for the best ingredients to complement the CSA philosophy (Vitamin C in the morning followed with Sunscreen then Vitamin A at night)

PRESS & GLOW Daily Exfoliating PHA Tonic with Enzyme Activator.

Experience the power of exfoliating polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) with Press & Glow; the hydrating acid toner that helps to exfoliate the surface of the complexion for a noticeable everyday glow.

What are PHA's?

PHA's are similar to AHA's in that they perform the same role of exfoliation, but unlike AHA's, PHA's are gentler on skin causing less irritation so common to many alpha hydroxy acids.

PHA gluconolactone acts as a moisture magnet to help comfort and hydrate the skin, making the surface exfoliation of the skin effortless. A non-drying, non-stingy and non-sticky formula, this is the acid toner with all the power and none of the ouch.


Skin is visibly resurfaced, hydrated and smoothed. Over time, Press & Glow helps to create a perfected skin surface which is not only better at absorbing active ingredients like vitamin C and A but also creates a better base for makeup. It helps to lift the appearance of hyperpigmentation gently and can brighten the skin surface. The complexion is left visibly glowing, soothed and toned. The overall health of the skin is visibly maximised.

Power Couple

Press & Glow is designed to be the perfect toner to use alongside vitamin A.

A clinical study carried out by the American Academy of Dermatology (Green, 2002) assessed the compatibility of vitamin A and gluconolactone. The researchers found that the combination of the two was effective in skincare, particularly when treating acne and blemishes. The two help to normalise exfoliation in every layer of the epidermis, and therefore are a match made in skincare heaven.

Key Active Ingredients

5.5% Gluconolactone: A high performing Poly Hydroxy Acid that helps to exfoliate and resurface the upper layers of skin.

Prickly Pear Extract: A natural enzyme activator that helps to increase the rate of cell renewal.

Acai Extract: Packed full of fatty acids, helps to reduce inflammation and protects against free radical damage.

Aloe Vera: For it's soothing & calming properties.

How it works!

PHAs are made up of larger molecules than AHAs and BHAs, meaning they do not penetrate the skin as deeply and instead exfoliate the surface of the skin. This makes PHAs the perfect match for those even with sensitive skin, who want to achieve true daily exfoliation while keeping the skin barrier healthy. Simply add 4 pumps to a cotton round a sweep across the face. Avoid eye area.

Experience the power of next generation exfoliating poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) with Press & Glow; the hydrating acid toner that helps to exfoliate the surface of the complexion for noticeable everyday glow.

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