NEW! Circular Hydration Serum: Advance Skins Hydration Cycle


Did you know that hydration is essential to skin health? Without it, skin goes awry, can develop a range of skin conditions (beyond dehydration) and loses its glow. All skins can become dehydrated and most frequently do, so a daily hydrating serum is considered a skincare staple.

Hydration: the basis for healthy, glowing skin

As our bodies need water to survive and thrive, the skin is no exception. Hydration (or moisture) is a vital part of the skin’s barrier – the top layer of the skin that protects against the environment and elements. When skin becomes dehydrated, the barrier becomes vulnerable, which can trigger or worsen sensitivity.

Hydration also drives cell renewal. You can think of it as fuel for this vital process in the skin. Operated by good moisture levels, old skin cells shed off, and new ones take their place. But when there’s a depletion in hydration, this process starts to stall, and the skin holds onto dead, tired skin. This can then lead to congestion, breakouts, and premature ageing, not to mention dull looking skin.

Our skin does its best to restore hydration to an optimum level, but sadly, it can only make oil to compensate. This can be incredibly frustrating for oily or breakout prone skins in particular. It’s also another reason why blocked pores go hand in hand with dehydrated skin.

How can I tell if my skin is dehydrated?

One of the hallmarks of dehydrated skin is a tight, taut, dry feeling or redness – particularly after cleansing. You may also experience visible flakiness with fine, crepey lines – think raisin like skin. On the flip side, hydrated skin can be likened to a plump, juicy grape.

As mentioned, excess oil is produced when moisture levels are lacking, so oiliness can be a sign of dehydration – a veil of shine sits over a dry skin.

Moreover, as dehydration can damage the skins barrier, we call this a moisture imparied barrier function. An Impaired moisture skin barrier function can be due to lifestyle, diet, using heaters, hot showers, and our climate. Stress, emotions, and lack of sleep play a huge role in our skin protecting itself and even internally. What happens when our skin is impaired, pathogens, bacteria, and products can enter too quickly into our skin causing skin issues like redness, reactive sensitivity, blemishes, and dehydration. Your acid mantle the protective layer of the skin, known as the first sign of defence is meant to be able to protect your skin from this occurring. Dehydrated skin can not protect your skin.

Dehydration is a constant battle

Skin can become dehydrated when its barrier is compromised and unable to retain enough water. When this happens, water flows in just one direction – up and out of the skin.

We call this transepidermal water loss, moisture evaporating from our cells.

One of the reasons that dehydration is so prevalent is because there are a multitude of triggers in our daily lives. Natural ageing, stress, make-up, hot showers, air conditioning, UV exposure, the changing season, using alkaline cleansers (such as soap) and a lack of hydration in your skincare are all culprits. Of course, there’s an internal element too. Poor water intake, caffeine, alcohol, and a lack of water rich foods contribute to a dehydrated skin.

Some of these causes we can fix, but many of them are out of our control, which is why professional skin therapists will always recommend making hydration a focus in your at-home skincare kit.

Introducing NEW Circular Hydration Serum

Dermalogica’s NEW Circular Hydration Serum provides both immediate and long-term relief from dehydration. It immediately floods skin with hydration, replenishes from within, and helps prevent future hydration evaporation - creating a healthy circular and sustained hydration flow.

Key ingredients in Circular Hydration Serum:

  • Polyglutamic Acid – Derived from fermented Soy, it’s used in both high and low molecular weights to provide a moisturising film that keeps hydration locked in the skin and stimulates hydration from within.
  • Algae Extract-infused moisturising matrix – Delivers quick and long-lasting hydration for a healthy-looking skin.
  • Lactobacillus Ferment + Avena (Oat) Extract – Helps balance skins microbiome (bacteria community) to improve barrier health so skin can better hold water.
  • Amino Acids – Similar to those naturally present in the skin, trap water onto the skin’s surface, helping prevent future dehydration.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Known for its ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, this potent humectant, also naturally present in the skin, provides deep hydration.
  • Plant-derived sugars – Provide an ongoing moisture reservoir deep in the skin.

A serum for all skins

Although it saturates skin with moisture, Circular Hydration Serum has a light, silky consistency and absorbs quickly into the skin, making it suitable for all skins, including oiler skins. It leaves skin smooth, plump and luminous and has been clinically proven to deeply hydrate skin for 10+ hours and increase hydration levels over time.

How to use Circular Hydration Serum

Circular Hydration Serum can be used day and night, applied onto a clean skin, after toning and before moisturising. Dispense half a dropper into hands and lightly massage over face, neck and chest.

Circular Hydration Serum can also be used around the eyes, helping to soften texture and fine lines.

PRO Tip:

Exfoliation will also help maintain healthy hydration, When the skin is dehydrated our SCCE's (stratum corneum chymotryptic enzymes) become inactive (stop working) meaning our skin's natural desquamation process ceases resulting in a build-up of unwanted corneocytes (skin cells that need to be exfoliated off). This will help remove dead, dehydrated skin cells, revealing a brighter, more hydrated skin underneath. Dermalogica’s Hydro Masque Exfoliant is a gentle hydrating and exfoliating 5-minute masque that smoothes and renews for luminous, healthy-looking skin.

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