Meet Skin MTX: Nobel Prize-winning Science for the Skin


Introducing SkinMTX - Your solution for confident, effective skincare.


SkinMTX® is a premium skincare brand that has been meticulously crafted to consistently deliver sustainable and reliable skin results.


As pioneers in the field of aesthetic skincare, they have bridged the gap between cosmetic formulas and prescription medications to offer swift and low-risk solutions.


With the trust of dermatologists, aesthetic physicians, and medi-spas around the world, their research-based formulations are tailored to enhance the appearance of healthy skin, preserve its youthful vitality, and protect it from potential damage. They have drawn upon Swiss expertise in cellular skin therapy and top-tier ingredients to ensure your skincare goals are met with the utmost confidence and assurance. Welcome to the future of skincare!

Skin MTX products

The Science Behind SkinMTX®


SkinMTX has utilized the Nobel Prize-winning telomere research to attain a groundbreaking achievement in the field of skin science.


While wrinkles may be visible on the skin's surface, scientific insights have revealed a deep-seated connection between the ageing process and telomeres (these are the protective caps found at the ends of our DNA strands).


Telomeres serve as key regulators of cellular ageing by safeguarding and stabilising our chromosomes' extremities. As time passes and with each cellular division, telomeres naturally decrease in size, compromising their structural strength and leaving the skin vulnerable to the impacts of ageing and harm. External factors like stress and dietary choices can also contribute to telomere shortening.


SkinMTX offers advanced skin-renewal and anti-ageing products designed to boost your skin's natural rejuvenation. Their cutting-edge products represent a major advancement in skincare research, utilising a newly discovered energy source to rejuvenate and restore your skin's youthful radiance.



Meet the Favourites


This potent neck cream is specially made to tackle signs of aging on your neck and décolleté area. It works by creating an invisible support system that brings back definition to your neckline.

Featuring the TeloZyme Complex it helps your skin's structure, reducing sagging. Plus, with Kigelia Africana Fruit Extract and the ElevateSkin complex, your neck will look smoother and firmer by softening wrinkles. This formula adds moisture for a lifted and supple neck and acts as a shield against daily environmental stressors, leaving your neckline looking refined.




This potent C brightening serum features a concentrated dose of Vitamin C, delivering a potent and focused brightening effect on areas with discoloration. This serum's effective active ingredients work together to specifically target dark spots and freckles, bolstering the skin's ability to defend against future pigmentation concerns. The result? Rejuvenated skin, thanks to the elasticity-boosting power of Vitamin C and its ability to combat free radicals, ensuring a consistently smooth and clear complexion. Plus, this serum locks in moisture, maintaining skin's plumpness and firmness.



A tinted sun protection smoothly blends with different skin tones, providing an even tone and sun protection. It contains Portulaca Oleracea extract to shield your skin from harm and Aloe Vera to soothe sensitivity. Your skin gets a fresh, natural look and protection from sun damage.

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