Why You'll Love The HydroPeptide Range

We at Skinmart are so proud to be able to offer you only the best Cosmeceutical skincare brands - results-driven, effective, professional skincare containing the highest possible amounts of Active Ingredients.

One of our brands that is incredible in terms of the amounts of Active Ingredients used in their products is HydroPeptide. This revolutionary range is packed with Peptides, which are smaller version of proteins and act as tiny "communicators" telling our cells how to behave.

Besides the use of Peptides, another revolutionary aspect of HydroPeptide is that their entire brand is based upon a science called Epigenetics.

What is Epigenetics?

Our genes determine how we look and how our skin ages. But that's not the whole story.

With Epigenetic Science, we can influence how genes express themselves by essentially turning on genes that signal cells to act healthy and turning off the genes that don't.

Epigenetics and Your Skin

Epigenetics applies to the genes that control your skin cells. HydroPeptide's team of geneticists formulate their products with powerful gene signalling ingredients (like Peptides), that tell your skin cells to act in a healthy way.

Why we love Peptides

As you can tell from their name, HydroPeptide uses a lot of Peptides in their products.

We love Peptides because they're one of the most effective Active Ingredients in skincare and HydroPeptide utilises them extensively in their formulas.

But Peptides aren't the only active Epigenetic powerhouse ingredients out there. There are many more, and the HydroPeptide range brings all of them to you through innovative, clinically proven skincare.

HydroPeptide Lines

Another fact I love about HydroPeptide is that all the lines within their range target a specific skin concern PLUS anti-ageing. For instance, their Sensitivity Line targets Sensitive Skin AND Skin Ageing; their Clarify Line targets Breakout Prone Skin AND Skin Ageing etc.

There are eight lines in total, so no matter what your skin concern is, HydroPeptide has a scientific solution!

My favourite HydroPeptide products!

  • Combines Dr. Marcel Nimni’s revolutionary research on collagen with time-release retinol to rejuvenate skin and lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Helps improve skin’s fullness and elasticity.
  • Helps to optimise collagen production through an exclusive, patented amino acid complex.
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Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Exfoliates to promotes healthy cell renewal. Brightens hyperpigmentation.Helps promote healthy collagen. Enhances treatment delivery. Improves skin radiance and clarity.

This multi-functional eye cream immediately brightens dark circles with crushed pearl while diminishing expression lines, wrinkles and puffiness over time.

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