Why Skin Needling is My Absolute Favourite Treatment

Anyone that has had skin needling knows and loves this professional skin treatment, and if you have not had one yet, you are missing out!! Hopefully, I can convince you by the end of this blog to try this AMAZING results-driven treatment!

So what is skin needling?

Skin needling involves the use of a needling device to puncture the skin and create a controlled injury at a specific needle depth. This micro-needling process triggers the 'wound healing response' in our body, which releases growth factors that stimulate certain skin conditions and concerns.

These skin concerns are:

Premature ageing skin

Skin needling for premature skin ageing releases fibroblast growth factors: signs that "instruct" the fibroblasts to begin re-dividing and producing three proteins - collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. 

After a course of treatments, it's possible to see an increase in collagen production by 400% - this is why this is a phenomenal treatment.

Acne skins

Skin needling on acne skins releases epidermal growth factors that stimulate our stem cells, increases blood lymph circulation and acts as a waste removal system. It also oxygenates tissues, which eliminate the P acne bacteria. This bacteria can not survive in an oxygen-rich environment.


Skin needling for scar revision can be beneficial in repairing damage from scarring. It releases fibroblast growth factors to stimulate collagen production.

Pigmentation skins

Skin needling on pigmentation skins is non-thermolytic - which means there is no risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIHIP).

While the skin therapist can target specific cells and layers of the skin, skin needling produces growth factors such as the melanocyte growth factor.

The melanocyte regulates the melanogenesis and keratinocyte growth factor - which in simpler terms means it pushes up brand new cells, correcting pigment from the inside out.

Rosacea skins

Skin needling on rosacea skins breaks down the excess capillary network by releasing vascular endothelial growth factor and platelet-derived growth factor to manage the correct production of new capillaries. It breaks down and produces new, healthy structures that correct over anagenesis, overproducing in blood.

What to expect during your skin needling treatment

Please keep in mind when you are going for a skin needling treatment, this treatment is primarily for results, it is not a relaxing treatment. You will feel the tiny needles puncture your skin. Your skin will go in an inflammatory response and come up red and heat is present. It also may draw blood to the surface. In the first and second week your skin may feel, dry, tight, even flake and it may bring out a breakout, these are all good signs as we are working in the cellular level of our skin to rejuvenate our skin. Your Skin will look amazing within the 3-4 week mark, like you have had injectables done!!!!

Skins that are not suitable for skin needling

Skin needling can be applied to all skin types, except in the case of dermal congestion.

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About The Author

I am Sari, a qualified Skin Therapist here at Skinmart. I have been in the skincare industry for over 15 years. I have a holistic approach to skin and my passion lies in ‘Health’. My philosophy is if we are healthy on the inside, then it shows our vitality on the outside.
I have furthered my knowledge with courses in Skin Anatomy, Advanced Skin Concerns, Advanced Skin Needling and Fitness.
My emphasis is on guiding my clients through their journey of skin concerns and conditions. I like to educate my clients and find the potential triggers for their skin concerns or condition so that together we can eliminate the root of the cause. I aim to give personalised consultations with treatment and correct prescribed skin products.

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