Lip enhancements and anti-wrinkle injections have have been the buzz-words on everybody’s lips lately. Well, for those of us who want the look but not the price tag or painful injections we have the answer!

Dermalogica’s NEW Nightly Lip Treatment will volumise and hydrate the delicate skin on the lips for a noticeably plumper pout.

Now, let’s spare a moment to think about our lips….

We often apply lip balm and lipstick but face masques, moisturisers and suncreams are all designed to avoid the lip area leaving our lips looking and feeling dehydrated and lacklustre.

Our lips are in constant use - we use them all the time to talk, drink, eat, convey expression and to laugh and kiss! The lips themselves consists of 3-5 layers of skin compared to up to 16 layers on the rest of the body. It’s an incredibly thin area of skin. Tie this in with the fact that there are no sebaceous glands to help renew barrier lipids and no melanin, so therefore, no protection from UV. If you also think the only thing to even remotely add moisture to the lip area is our saliva, which is actually a dehydrator. It’s no surprise then that the lip area ages quickly.

As we age the fat storage in our face changes, it disappears from our face and moves to our middle! We see folds starting to appear and lines and wrinkles forming due not only to the movement of fat cells, but also collagen and elastin breakdown.

This nightly lip treatment is not just a superficial cream for the lip area, the ingredients are powerful workhorses literally working on those fat cells in the perioral region to bring about a change and help to increase volume.

This rich cream works with the skin’s natural circadian rhythm to (biological clock) to reduce the appearance of lip ageing.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces the appearance of feather lines & wrinkles.
  • Helps restore volume on and around the lips.
  • Hydrates to improve skin elasticity and restore barrier function against visible signs of ageing.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the key ingredients in Nightly Lip Treatment:

Sesame Seed Extract: this ingredient contains a chemical called Sesamin that is able to activate the process where the cells decide to become fat cells. This ingredient literally stimulates the stem cells to make your adipocytes or fat cells bigger.

Indian Gentian Extract: Improves your lips’ ability to plump and create lustrous, full lips and helps reduce skin fragility and reduce wrinkles and feather lines around the lips.

Shea Butter: Iincreases hydration and improves skin elasticity while restoring barrier function against visible signs of ageing.

Volumising Massage and Application Technique:

With these powerful ingredients used with Dermalogica’s Advanced Volumising Technology and application technique you will start to see great changes in your lip area and finally put those lips lines to bed!

Want to try it risk free? Take our 28 Day Lip Challenge! Simply use Nightly Lip Treatment 28 nights and if you aren’t blown away by the results, return it for a full product refund.

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