Does Chocolate Really Cause Pimples?

The #1 question we receive at Easter is related to chocolate. Does eating chocolate cause pimples?

Despite decades of research, there has been little proof that single foods like chocolate directly cause pimples. But that doesn't mean that diet has no influence on how your skin looks. It's more likely that the sugar and dairy in your chocolate are to blame for new pimples or breakouts than the cocoa itself.

Could chocolate be good for you?

Studies reveal that cocoa beans used in high-quality dark chocolates are an excellent source of antioxidants. Antioxidants actually benefit your skin as they limit the production of free radicals that are bad for your skin. So opt for chocolate that has a high percentage of cocoa. This way you will avoid the high sugar and dairy content, and help keep those breakouts at bay.

If you do decide to over indulge and have that dreaded breakout, here are some spot treatments that can help!

Hydropeptide Spot Correction

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This advanced blemish-fighting formula helps reduce inflammation, clears up pimples and prevents new ones from forming without over-drying. Helps to speed healing and reduce occurrence of acne breakouts. Gently encourages healthy cell turnover while retaining hydration. Detoxifies impurities with antimicrobial activity

Dermalogica AGE Bright Spot Fader

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A two-in-one brightening spot treatment that reduces the appearance of active breakouts and post-breakout marks. Perfect for adults who are concerned about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from breakouts. Containing a blend of actives and essential oils to work with the skin’s natural microbiome to promote clearer, brighter skin.

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Ethanol acts quickly and effectively to dry out the blemish without irritating the skin, while niacinamide and Beracare AAA soothe the affected area to reduce redness. Lemon tea tree oil contributes to this formula's fast action by providing an antioxidant action to reduce cellular oxidative damage at the affected site. Salicylic acid also assists by providing an exfoliative effect to the blemish by dissolving oils in the local area to encourage sloughing away of dead skin cells.

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As a spot treatment or allover remedy for acne breakouts, this fast-acting clay masque draws out excess oil and impurities to leave skin soft, fresh and mattified.

This aggressive blend of salicylic and glycolic acid eliminates the toughest acne blemishes. Just one application draws out oil and skin impurities while green tea, mallow and manuka add vital nutrients to dehydrated, oily/acne-prone skin. Soothes irritated and irritated blemishes.

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