The 3 Cosmedix Products to Try This Summer

By Jo Coles, Educator at Cosmedix Skincare



At Cosmedix, we offer the highest quality of professional skincare treatments and products that provide gentle and effective solutions with real results for all skin tones and skin concerns. Cosmedix formulas focus on hydrating, soothing and protecting the skin to help maintain a resilient moisture barrier.



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Our products resonate with clients, the press and celebrities for offering intentional skincare routines with gentle ingredients that provide a healthier-looking complexion.


The 3 Cosmedix Products to Try This Summer



Cosmedix continues to look to nature first to provide gentle solutions to our client’s skincare concerns. Meet Bakuchiol Complete, our Vegan, Plant Based Retinol Alternative Serum that’s infused with Squalene, Jojoba Seed Oil and Moringa Oil to help restore hydration and balance to dry skin.


Bakuchiol Complete is the ideal serum for sensitive, dehydrated or photodamage skin concerns (dark spots) and dry skin types who are looking for a Retinol alternative to include in their skincare routine.


Bakuchiol is a vegan ingredient that’s derived from the oil of leaves and seeds from the “babchi” plant. And in many cases, some consider it one of the stronger forms of a Retinoid.


I believe our customers gravitate to Bakuchiol Complete because it offers a variety of age-defying benefits. It mimics the effects of Retinol as it helps restore firmness and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a more even-looking skin tone and texture.


I personally love Bakuchiol Complete for dry skin because I not only get the benefits of Retinol, but it’s combined with several moisturizing ingredients like Squalene, Jojoba Seed and Moringa Oil, plus skinloving superfoods, botanicals and antioxidants, like: Vitamin E, Aloe, Turmeric, Basil and Sunflower Seed Oil.


As a professional, I find that Bakuchiol Complete is one of the easiest serums to include in a skincare routine to help improve and maintain results. So, let’s say you have a client that has been using the same at-home skincare routine for 3 months and their results are great but may have plateaued. Bakuchiol Complete can replace or be the intro. “Retinol” serum for a skin cycle to shake things up and stimulate or awaken the skin again.


Under the guidance of professional service, Bakuchiol Complete can be combined with our more corrective Retinol serums like Refine Finishing Treatment and Serum 16 Rapid Renewal Serum to help increase results.






When you think of free radicals (environmental stressors) and sun damage, Vitamin C always comes to mind. But we rarely think of Vitamin C to help prevent the appearance of skin blemishes. That’s where Brilliancy comes in.


The deeply moisturising formula in this Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil features skinsoothing Elderberry fruit extract, Tetra-hexyl-decyl Ascorbate and age-defying plant-based ingredients, like Humulus Lupulus and Sclareolide, to help boost moisture, improve the appearance of dark spots and help protect the skin from environmental stressors.


A super star ingredient, Tetra-hexyl-decyl (THD) Ascorbate is a highly stable ingredient known for being less irritating on the skin, helps protect skin from environmental stressors, and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin imperfections. Brilliancy is a favorite in the treatment room too, to instantly help address hyperpigmentation, sun damage and lines and wrinkles.


It’s an at-home skincare routine addition that helps improve the overall appearance of skin tone and texture with each use.





The main way people damage their moisture barrier is often by using skincare with harsh ingredients or by over exfoliating the skin.


While it can be tempting to reach for whatever skincare product has been sitting in your medicine cabinet, you are sometimes doing more harm than good when overloading your face with exfoliants and chemicals. When the microbiome is damaged, skin can appear red and flaky and can develop fine lines over time.


Skin Thirst Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid Cream is the ultimate skin minimalism skincare product must have for its lush, moisture-binding properties that lock in hydration, and soothe and mattify the look of skin.


It’s perfect for all skin types, especially dry, dehydrated skin due to its skin-dulgent ingredients, like Lecithin. Antioxidant-rich Lecithin is a multitasking ingredient that helps protect the skin from environmental stressors and aids the body in retaining moisture to help restore the skin’s microbiome.


Skin Thirst also includes Hyaluronic Acid and Witch Hazel, which gently condition the complexion and help blur the appearance of pores for a brighter, smoother-looking complexion.




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