The Best Aspect Moisturiser for Your Skin Type

We all know the importance of a moisturiser. All skin types need to be hydrated so that the skin can function efficiently. It is also important that you choose your moisturiser according to your skin type or skin concern you may have.

Aspect moisturisers have cutting edge ingredients to help hydrate and treat all skin types & concerns. Let's take a look at the Aspect range of moisturisers to help you be able to choose the best possible product for your skin.

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Skin type: All skin types, especially excessively Oily, Problematic and Sensitive

Why you'll love it: Aspect Sheer Hydration is a lightweight oil free noncomedogenic moisturiser that provides facial hydration and improves the overall appearance of skin.

It contains super hydrating, antioxidant benefits that work to soothe, mattify and improve the overall appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To use: AM/PM. Apply a pea size amount to clean hands, spread evenly over face and neck, neat or over serums as required. Can be used morning and or night as needed.

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Skin type: All skin types, especially Ageing, Dehydrated skins

Why you'll love it: The key to Phytostat 9's remarkable performance lies in the synergistic blend of Chro-Noline, a high technology patented amino-peptide along with a clinically validated mix of skin-saving antioxidants and nurturing lipids including pure organic seas buckhorn, chirally correct multi-spectrum tocopherols, macadamia, almond and sunflower - all expertly blended in this luxurious paraben and fragrance-free cream so it's gentle enough even for the most temperamental of skins.

To use: Gently massage a small amount over face, neck & décolletage after serums AM & PM.

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Skin type: Very dry & dehydrated skin

Why you'll love it: This unique formulation contains an abundance of ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans and sodium PCA to enhance skin hydration, while also ensuring that antioxidant protection is provided to reduce cellular oxidation in the form of green tea, Vitamin C and African Birch Extract.  Stem cell extracts are also a key inclusion to assist with the promotion of longevity of skin stem cells, and this is supported with ingredients designed to support the barrier function of the skin.

To use: Gently massage a small amount over face, neck, & décolletage after serums AM & PM.

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Skin type: All skin types

Why you'll love it: Hydra Shield with Zinc Oxide is a lightweight, hydrating moisturiser with the ultra-protective benefits of zinc oxide.

Packed with antioxidants, skin hydrators, and nourishing botanical oils, this emollient moisturiser benefits any beauty skin care regimen. Hydra Shield with Zinc is especially good for dry and sensitive skin types.

To use: Gently massage a small amount over face, neck, & décolletage after serums AM.

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