The ASAP Skincare Treatment That Can Correct DNA Damage

One of Australia's number one cosmeceutical skincare range, ASAP Skincare, have formulated a DNA Renewal Treatment that will prevent and correct the skin from DNA damage. This treatment is the first of its kind and it has already become a favourite in Australia! Due to Australia's climate and pollution, this is a serum everyone will need to prevent and correct DNA damage.

How does DNA damage affects our skin?

The DNA in just one of your cells gets damaged tens of thousands of times per day. These damages are from environmental factors, radiation and UV Rays, to name a few.

Your DNA provides the design for the proteins your cells need to function, so this damage can cause your skin to age at a faster rate.

This best-selling ASAP Skincare DNA Renewal Treatment is a revolutionary anti-aging treatment that has the most effective and innovative delivery systems available. Releasing unmatched concentration of clinically proven active ingredients, this serum will not only correct past DNA damage, but also prevent future damage!

Proven Benefits with Advanced Technology:

  • Telomere technology ensures telomeres remain long and healthy, protecting and repairing the vital information in your DNA, resulting in younger, radiant, healthier-looking skin
  • A multi-peptide complex helps restore skin firmness.
  • Self-regenerative stem cell technology and a hydroelastic complex, boost cell renewal, and assist in restoring optimal levels of hydration and elastin
  • Enhances cellular longevity and vitality
  • The anti-pollution complex protects the skin from accelerated ageing and other damaging effects of environmental pollution

Clinical Results:

  • Up to 96% wrinkle reduction in 1 month
  • Up to 24% increase in skin hydration in 1 month
  • Up to 99.1% protection against skin cell DNA damage

ASAP DNA Renewal Treatment: How to Use

Apply one pump to face, neck, and decolletage after thoroughly cleansed skin, serums, and before moisturiser. Use nightly for skin's with visible signs of ageing, alternatively 2-3 times a week.

The ASAP DNA Renewal Treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially those concerned with ageing.

ASAP DNA Renewal Treatment has been specifically designed to assist in the repair of cellular damage and provide future telomere protection. Repair past damage, Restore hydration, Regain youthfulness and Protect skin's future.

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