Active Moist 2.0 The New Balance In Skin!

Our favourite Oily Skin moisturiser has had an upgrade. Thanks to Dermalogica's continual research for the best possible formulas to benefit the skin, Active Moist 2.0 now has the added benefit of Prebiotics!

What are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are "food" that encourages the growth of good bacteria. They help make the skin a good environment for these bacteria, helping them grow so they can fight the harmful bacteria. When the skin has low probiotic levels, "bad " bacteria can attach to the skin and cause damage, and affect the Microbiome.

What is the Microbiome?

The skin hosts a wide variety of organisms that make up the Microbiome.
Traditionally we think of bacteria as harmful, but the skin microbiome plays an essential role in some of the skin's processes. In terms of cell turnover, the Microbiome helps regulate the PH of the skin - which is vital for the function of crucial enzymes. It also plays a vital role in the immune system and physically blocking the "bad" bacteria from the skin.

In short Prebiotics balance and protect the Skin's Microbiome so the skin can function effectively. Active Moist 2.0 still is the same oil free formula and feel on the skin. Included in this lightweight cream is Cucumber extract that will soothe & calm the skin while Lemon and Burdock extracts refine the pores.

An oil-free, lightweight prebiotic moisturiser that hydrates combination or oily skin. Formulated with Prebiotic Moisture Complex, Active Moist provides oil-free hydration to work to promote a healthy microbiome - and actively bring the skin into balance.

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