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Redness reducing essence is here!

Sensitive skin is incredibly common. Nearly half the global population describes their skin as sensitive.


When you have sensitive skin, the smallest of things can irate it. Sensitive skin can be hereditary, but potential triggers are things like the food you eat, the products you use, extreme temperatures, alcohol, pollution, UV light/sunlight, and harsh skin treatments. All this can leave your skin feeling inflamedirritateditchyred and you may be left with a compromised skin barrier.






So, if redness is bringing you down, get ready for some serious relief. Introducing Dermalogicas newest addition to their UltraCalming range, REDNESS RELIEF ESSENCE. This hydrating serum is here to sooth!


Dermalogica's Redness Relief Essence


Redness relief essence will be replacing UltraCalming Mist. Now, don't panic! if the Ultra calming mist was your absolute favourite, you will be getting the same hydrating and calming benefits with Redness Relief Essence plus a whole lot more.

You might be wondering what an ‘essence’ is? It is a lightweight and hydrating like a  toner yet concentrated like a serum, almost like a supercharged toner giving longer lasting benefits.


To apply, shake the bottle well before you use so all the active ingredients are dispersed evenly in the fluid. After cleansing, dispense a small amount into the palm of your hand and pat gently over cleansed face, neck, decollete. It can be used both morning and night for continuous relief.


Key ingredients:

Licorice root extract that Soothes irritation

Propanediol and Piperonyl Glucoside that helps reduce redness

Beta Glucan and Vitamin E to soothe and relieve skin irritation, redness, and discomfort.

Sage extract will boost recovery of the skins protective lipid

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice is amazing at Hydrating the skin to help relieve irritation from dryness


If you need help or advice about your skincare concerns or goals, we would love to help you. Reach out to us via our complimentary online skin consultation or call us on 1300 30 25 35.



Susan is one of our Senior Skin Experts and has a serious passion for making sure that everyone has the right product and regimen for their individual skin. Being in the industry for 30 years, Susan has seen a significant change in the cosmeceutical industry and loves learning about how these new developments can help her clients get amazing results. As a mum of two amazing daughters, Susan understands the demands of life and being able to get the maximum results for minimum time.

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