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Medik8 r-Retinoate® - a true breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare.

Medik8 r-Retinoate® - a true breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare.


It’s sometimes hard to navigate the vast range of anti-ageing products but one thing we all know though is Retinol, or Vitamin A, is as a ‘must have’ in our anti-ageing arsenal!

Retinol is considered to be the most effective ingredient in anti-ageing skincare, visibly reducing the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. But now, after 8 years of research with prestigious universities and dermal science institutes, Medik8 have developed r-Retinoate® formulated with retinyl retinoate, an advanced and encapsulated form of r-retinoate which goes to work directly on the nucleus of skin cells (it works faster than retinol, which has to be converted within the skin into retinoic acid, before it starts to work its magic).

This groundbreaking cream-serum is 8 x stronger than retinol yet gentler on the skin, for day and night use, even for sensitive skin. The innovative active ingredient inside has been created via an exclusive collaboration with a Korean 'superlab' where Medik8 have taken their incredible active and made it into an exquisitely high-performing finished product. So avant-garde, this active was awarded the Korean’s President Award for Technology!


It’s all in the Ingredients for this Multi-tasking Product: 

The secret is out, you need more than one active to visibly reduce signs of skin ageing. Collagen stimulation, quenching free radicals and skin hydration are the main elements you need to fight skin ageing. That’s why we have included the following 5 key actives in r-Retinoate:

  • Medik8’s worldwide exclusive and patented encapsulated active, retinyl retinoate, is proven to be more effective yet less irritating than retinol to stimulate collagen synthesis and skin cell turnover.
  • Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant to quench free radicals. They have also added another antioxidant that quenches UV-induced free radicals, vitamin C. In combination vitamin E & vitamin C synergistically boost the overall antioxidant effect.
  • To draw moisture to the skin and support skin structure keeping it hydrated and supple, hyaluronic acid was added.
  • Last but not least glycerin, an effective humectant, locks in moisture to support the skin’s natural barrier function.


The beauty of r-Retinoate is that unlike other vitamin-A products, this new ingredient doesn’t break down in daylight, so you can use the product morning and night reducing the need for a seperate product morning and night.  It is also far gentler on the skin so there is no sensitivity.

r-Retinoate can not only replace your current retinol product, but due to its hyaluronic acid and glycerin content it does the work of three products and can replace your hydration serum and moisturiser. The r-Retinoate is also a great antioxidant booster due to its vitamin C & vitamin E content although it’s recommend to continue with your current vitamin C serum but using in combination for best effects.

Here’s what people have been saying:

“A proper Retinol (the world’s best-proven anti-ageing ingredient) with proper skin-refining complexion-evening results that won’t cause irritation or breakdown in UV light. Real breakthrough stuff!” - Inge Van Lotringgen, Beauty Director Cosmopolitan UK

“We hear revolution and breakthrough a lot these days - this is one time these words truely apply. I have been so impressed with the result that we are planning to introduce r-Retinoate nationwide to all our clinics.” - Dr Patrick Bowler, Medical Director Courthouse Clinics UK

“I like this retinol serum so much that I look forward to using it. I am extremely impressed with Medik8 r-Retinoate” -

“After only a few weeks, my skin feels smoother & brighter, so let’s see what happens after a few more weeks! I have used several retinols before and have not really taken to them, but I really do like this one!”



When considering your next skincare product this should be top of your list!

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