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Dermalogica's New! Master Multi-Tasker

NEW Prisma Protect SPF15

Did you know that our skin has its own unique biological clock? That’s right, the skin behaves differently over a 24-hour period. At night, we know that the skin is in regeneration mode. It’s the optimum time for skin recovery - collagen production soars and skin renewal rate almost doubles! So what’s our skin up to during the daytime? Well, it’s quite the opposite. Our skin shifts from renewal mode and shifts gear into defence mode.

More on Our Skin’s Daylight Defence Mode

During the day our skin cells are working hard to protect themselves from UV exposure and free radical damage. Much of the ageing we see on our skin is a result of daytime environmental exposure. Natural supplies of antioxidants are used by skin to prevent damage by quenching the harmful free radicals found in our environment. But, with the level of free radicals we are
exposed to in the modern world, our skin’s antioxidant source is often left depleted.


What’s Threatening Our Skin in 2019?

In a highly advanced, highly populated world, our skin faces more threats than ever before. UV radiation remains one of the most harmful and age accelerating influences on the skin, but pollution is catching up. Pollution, like UV, releases free radicals, causing deterioration to our collagen and elastin, along with a significant increase in pigmentation. To amp up your skin’s daily defences, Dermalogica brings you a technologically advanced, multi-tasking moisturiser: the NEW Prisma Protect SPF15.

Shining Light on the NEW Prisma SPF15

An all-in-one protective moisturiser, the NEW Prisma Protect SPF15 hydrates, boosts luminosity and defends against UV radiation, pollution and free radicals. Thanks to new research about our skin’s circadian rhythms, it’s been formulated to work with and power up the skin’s natural defense mode.

Featuring high tech cosmeceuticals, Prisma Protect SPF15 not only shields against visible light and pollution, it’s formulated with Intelligent Drone Technology capsules that convert daylight into skin radiance. The Intelligent Drones work by carrying light activated actives to specific cells where the skin can use them. Once activated by visible light, the actives are released and provide cellular energy, instantly super charging skin luminosity.


Other Key Ingredients in Prisma Protect SPF15:

  • Advanced Moisture Magnets - provide all-day hydration by attracting moisture to the skin for visibly smooth skin.
  • Japanese Matcha Tea – a potent antioxidant to support the skin in fighting against free radial damage and skin ageing.
  • Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate and Octocrylene – provide Broad Spectrum SPF15 protection using a blend of best-in-class chemical sunscreens.
  • A bio-ferment from Sage – brightens and even skin tone, plus protects against skin irritating pollutants.


Prisma Protect SPF15 is perfect for natural multi-taskers and anyone seeking a healthy, glow!

Simply clean your skin, ideally with a Dermalogica Double Cleanse to ensure all make-up, dirt and pollutants are off your skin, then spritz with your favourite toner to layer hydration and apply a generous amount of Prisma Protect SPF15.

It feels silky and light and dries down quickly for a sheer coverage. It’s recommended that Prisma Protect SPF15 be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure.

Experience the Prisma Protect SPF15 before anyone else by signing up for our exclusive pre-
launch offer available now.

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