Moisturisers are an essential staple in our daily skincare routine. They are designed to seal in moisture and protect the skin’s barrier and are a nonnegotiable for every type of skin.


One of Dermalogica’s original healthy skin heroes, Skin Smoothing Cream has been Dermalogica’s number one moisturiser for many years. Now, with over 30 years at the top, Skin Smoothing Cream is back from the lab in even better form, promising a healthier skin than before.


The 1, 2, 3 of Healthy Skin

There are three components that come together to promote a healthy, clear and glowing skin. Firstly, hydration is critical. A skin lacking in moisture will feel tight, flaky, irritated and possibly oily. Secondly, our barrier requires a specific blend of lipids (think of these as the mortar in a brick wall) to keep bacteria out and moisture in the skin. And thirdly, we’re now aware that we need a well-functioning microbiome - we’re talking about an ecosystem of bacteria living on our skin’s surface. When it comes to skin health, not only do we need to keep hydration levels topped up and locked in, but we need to protect and nurture our skin’s microbiome.


The Skin Smoothing Cream of Today

With a more aggressive environment and busier lifestyles than ever before, the skin needs more protection than ever before. Pollution, UV, travel, alcohol, poor water intake and stress all impact the three key factors that determine healthy skin. And with the addition of state-of-the-art Active HydraMesh Technology™, the new Skin Smoothing Cream offers more than a moisture boost.


Active HydraMesh Technology™ works on a molecular level (so you won’t see or feel it) to form a ‘second skin’. Not only does this protect the skin from environmental aggressors and reduce water loss, it also infuses a thirst quenching moisturising complex deep into the skin. Moisture attracting and binding ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Urea, Glycerin form the unique moisturising complex that distributes 48 hours of continuous hydration.


When it comes to achieving healthy skin, the Active HydraMesh Technology™ takes care of hydration, but it also features plant derived lipids to strengthen the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture. We know that preserving the skin’s microbiome is also an important strategy to having a healthy skin, and this is something the Active HydraMesh Technology™ also ticks off. Another function of the advanced Active HydraMesh Technology™ is to protect good bacteria on the skin’s surface, with the support of Glycerol, a prebiotic, that helps to feed good bacteria for healthier skin.



The Same, But Better

Even though Skin Smoothing Cream has undergone an innovative makeover, the look, feel and aroma of this popular moisturiser has not changed. It still has a medium weight, non-greasy consistency. Plus, Cucumber, Mallow and Arnica ensure it smells the same.


Skin Smoothing Cream is ideal for a dry, dehydrated combination skin, and can be applied morning and evening after cleansing.


Get your hands on the new Skin Smoothing Cream and take your skin to a new level of healthy.

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