BUCK Grooming - beauty for the boys

For the ladies reading this, we understand it’s sometimes a challenge to get your man to use skincare products. We also know the struggle of having to share your favourite moisturiser or cleanser with your partner too! Boys are now conscious of their skin and want to feel fresh, hydrated skin too (and so they should!).

For the lads out there, if you are looking for an Australian made, easy to use skincare and grooming product that is travel-friendly, that also smells manly, then look no further! BUCK Grooming is now available at Skinmart! 

BUCK is an Australian made skincare and grooming range for the ultimate bloke! Packed with natural essential oils that will leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated all day, plus it's perfectly sized for travelling and the gym bag. 

Remember BUCK by the face

Too often grooming products can be misleading, and confusing, with so many products on the market it can be confusing as to which one is right for you, are we right? BUCK have broken down barriers to give a real, personal interpretation os a sketched man's face. With the launch of every new BUCK Grooming product, a new picture of a selected role model who is best aligned to that product will be the face of that label. How cool is that? Plus BUCK is tested on real blokes, not animals.

Enjoy a FREE BUCK Shaving Cream when you purchase a BUCK Grooming product! Perfect for Dad this Father's Day, he'll feel all blokey again!

How did BUCK begin?

Head BUCK, Adam was living in London when he had the idea of launching a men's only lip balm to deal with the harsh English winter. When working with colleague Erika, Adam would always reach for Erika's chapstick - which she wasn't so happy about, especially when he never gave it back! When they both moved to Australia they discovered that men didn't have a fixed solution for obtaining authentic skin and grooming products of their own and this is how the brand begun!

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