Did you know that SILK PILLOW CASES can  give you crease free and smoother looking skin and tangle free hair? Did you also know that using a silk pillow case can ease menopausal hot flushes? I didn’t until I did a little research and tested the theory for myself.
So I started my research into why use SILK?
  • Silk is a natural fiber that people are rarely allergic to.
  • Its free of any potentially irritating chemicals and it easily breathes. 
  • Hypoallergenic properties.
  • A natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mold. 

Who wouldn’t want to use it for their pillow case? 

Why is Silk so effective? The smooth fibers of the silk helps maintain the moisture at the top layers of your skin, which keeps your skin plump and hydrated throughout the night whilst the skin is regenerating. Cotton, draws moisture and your skincare products away from your skin and leaving those unwanted pillow creases on your face.

By sleeping on a silk pillowcase your skin absorbs more of the creams, oils and serums applied before bed and because the silk allows your skin to glide, it doesn’t pull or tug meaning less creases in the morning.
By have a cooling effect on the skin silk pillow cases, sheets and pajamas are perfect for the Australian climate and for those with menopausal hot flushes to get through the night with a little more comfort than cotton.
For those of us who wake up with tangled, greasy and mangled hair, the smooth surface of a silk pillow case will reduce the friction on your hair and help prevent you looking like you have stuck your finger in a power socket so you'll save money on hair care in the long run.

We have partnered with one of Australia's best linen companies, Canningvale. For 40 years the West Australian based Canningvale has supplied some of Australia's best hotels and venues with luxury textiles and we are excited to bring the amazing beauty silks range to skincare lovers across the country.

Backed by the Canningvale's 5 year warranty, the Beauty Silks range of pillowcases are the ultimate way to invest in your skin's future.
The heavenly Beauty silks combine a silk front and pure cotton reverse for an amazing nights sleep. The genius pure cotton reverse fabric holds the pillow and silk together so they stay in place throughout the night, ensuring a most restful slumber.
What are you waiting for, Shop NOW! and get your best night's sleep.

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