Hand Care

Our hands are one of the most overlooked parts of our skincare regimen. Hard working and constantly on show they are also one of the first places to show our age, with sunspots, dryness and wrinkles due to the constant exposure to harsh conditions. 

During the warmer months hands are smooth and supple and then without warning they can turn dry, flakey and cracked almost overnight!! The cold and dry air strips the skin of its natural protective oils and moisture.

To ensure your hands are protected from the cooler weather around the corner, and the winter wind it's best to use a soap free hand wash and nourishing hand cream.

We have found the answer to dry hands in a limited edition Revitalise and Nourish pack from ASAP!

Revitalising Handwash a magical blend, infused with essentials oils of Peppermint and Lemongrass to refresh and maintain skin hydration, while anti-oxidant rich Green Tea and Cardamom protect skin from environmental aggressors.

ASAP Revitalise and Nourish Pack

Nourishing Hand Treatment is enriched with White Tea, Lemongrass, Cardamom and Peppermint, is readily absorbed and boosts skin hydration to keep hands beautifully soft and supple.

For a limited time, ASAP is offering these two Handcare Essentials in their Revitalise and Nourish pack containing a 500ml Revitalising Handwash and 500ml Nourishing Hand Treatment where you can save $34.05!

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