The #1 question we receive at Easter is related to Chocolate and does eating it cause pimples?

So to all the chocoholics out there, I have great news... There is no evidence to suggest that eating chocolate causes pimples. But what about that pimple you got the other day after eating that Kit-Kat? Most likely it was a coincidence. You would have gotten that same pimple Kit-Kat or not. I know I’ve gotten pimples without having consumed any chocolate at all. In fact, research has revealed that Cocoa beans from which chocolate is made are an excellent source of antioxidants, which are vital for the protection of free radicals and keeping your skin cells healthy.

With that said, for some people, dairy and sugar (two ingredients in many different types of chocolate) can trigger hormonal changes, which may cause bacteria to build up and create pimples. In this case, and to avoid the aftermath, I would recommend opting for dairy free chocolate or high-quality dark chocolates. 

So for now, go ahead and eat that Egg or Bunny knowing that it's nor directly linked to pimples.

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Susan is one of our Senior Skin Experts and has a serious passion for making sure that everyone has the right product and regimen for their individual skin. Being in the industry for 30 years, Susan has seen significant change in the cosmecutical industry and loves learning about how these new developments can help her clients get amazing results. As a mum of two amazing daughters, Susan understands the demands of life and being able to get the maximum results for minimum time.