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Watch Skin Expert Susan talk about the amazing Triple C Serum from Societe.Read More
12 Apr 2019 3:39:22 pm By Skin Expert Susan societe, triple c, Vitamin c, Videos, Skincare Tips, Skincare Tips for Everyone
Understanding your Circadian Rhythm and your Skin
Have you ever noticed that in the morning your skin looks its best, or a little oily in the afternoon and by the evening those fine lines and wrinkles look deeper? Click to learn why...Read More
8 Apr 2019 2:39:10 pm By Skin Expert Susan Circadian rhythm, sleep patterns affecting skin, Skincare Tips for Everyone
The #1 question we receive at Easter is related to Chocolate and does eating it cause pimples?Read More
8 Apr 2019 1:35:35 pm By Skin Expert Susan Chocolate, pimples, breakouts, acne, Easter, Skincare Tips for Everyone

Looking for even more intense hydration? Medik8 steps up the fight with this amazing new hydrator. Click to learn more..Read More
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